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  • Baby superstitions?

    Out of curiousity, are there any superstitions (would-be) mothers here follow? Or any you know of? How do you girls feel about them?

    Amongst those I've heard and I know my family listens to:
    - no construction work in the house while the pregnant mommy's there.
    - no using scissors (??)
    - carry around a sharp object after dark (not too sure about this one)
    - don't look at ugly/scary things or your baby will look like that.
    - pregant moms shouldn't kill anything or the creature's spirit will enter the baby. (quite funny because we caught a snake in our backyard and my mom had to shoo it away!)

    are there any you girls 'heed' too? simply to be safe? or do you think they're a lot of crock?
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    i heard that pregant mothers should not criticise anyone.


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      As much as i would like to dismiss them as a whole lot of crock, i've come across incidents that leaves me wondering if there are some truths in it, especially the ones where there should not be any construction work in the house.

      Mum was pregnant with bro when we moved to a new place. My bro has a deep line across his earlobe which the older folks linked to the renovation works.

      A colleague fixed a wheely trolley on her own when preggie and same thing, her son's ear has lines that resembles screw tracks.

      My SIL was also preganant when she shifted to her new place. My nephew has a birthmark on his hand which again the old folks attribute it to the painting works done in the house :huh:

      Coincidences or superstitions? :huh:


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        when my mum had my little sister, my dad was doing some pasting job to the house with strong superglue, in the end, my sister's second and third toes are 'glued' together.


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          whoa. so many there's more truth to these superstitions than we usually give them credit for!


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            Despite family's discouragement, my uncle went on to install a air-con unit in his room, and my aunt was pregnant with my cousin then. My cousin has this big patch of dark mole covering most of his right cheek. The olds said that it has got to do with that minor renovation work.

            And then another auntie of mine gave birth to a deformed baby, because she paid a visit to my grandpa's tomb during pregnancy. My mum said the deformed baby head look like a turtle... :roll: and he/she soon died after a few hours.


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              I believe that for the many 'bad things' that happen supposedly (as everyone believes) because of those superstitions, there are many many other cases where nothing happens as well. So... take everything with a pinch of salt. Just my 2 cents.


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                Honestly I don't really believe these 100%, BUT then again, I also don't feel comfortable going against these beliefs cause some of them really freak me out. LOL...

                personally I've been taking it with a pinch of salt, eg, we had to do some moving of furniture + painting + hacking 2 months ago, so what I did was to stay far away. I went to my mother's place while it was being carried out (I also heard that if the preggie is not around during the time when the painting/moving is carried out, then its fine)

                But then, who can really follow every single of these beliefs? I mean, what if you accidentally step on an ant and kill him? The your baby will have an ant spirit in him? Them what if you accidentally kill 5 diff kinds of insects? Then whose spirit will reign? According to the the food chain har?

                As for the saying that preggies cannot furniture, what constitutes as furniture? Is a chair considered furniture? Then when I need to get up from a chair and no one is around to pull it out for me, and I move the chair backwards to get up, is it counted?

                Strange huh?


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                  quite true! I don't know whether to believe these, but I always think it's better to be safe than sorry.


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                    Personally I don't believe in them, except for the shifting furnitures (bulky items) as it makes sense, so is renovation. I mean when there is renovation gg on, the place will be messy and its more likely accidents like tripping will happen.


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                      Originally posted by roxycurl_gal
                      i heard that pregant mothers should not criticise anyone.
                      OH NO! Oops...

                      I also take everything with a pinch of salt.

                      I don't entirely dismiss all, especially when it involves spirits (whether of others or of the baby itself)... for some people, those ARE part of their religious beliefs, so if they believe in it, it makes sense to them and I respect that. But doesn't mean I have to follow everything since that's not part of my beliefs.

                      The superstitions I *am* following would be the ones I already avoid, eg. making a huge detour round burnt offerings. And smacking my hubby's mouth when he says something wrong hahaha. And touching wood when I say something wrong.

                      Some other superstition-related stuff that I avoid for physical practicality would be avoiding renovation work (dusty, chemical fumes of new items), moving furniture (heavy ah!), changing bedsheets (heavy ah! must stretch too much hehehe), not eating squid (superstition that tentacles would wrap round baby but my reasoning is such seafood probably has too much toxins).


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                        here's a personal one!

                        despite my grandma's warning, my mom took up a pair of scissors to snip off part of her maternity dress while wearing it, so that it is easier for her to alter the armhole from there. of course, she was carrying me at that time.

                        i was born with a tiny cleft on my right earlobe! my mom thought it was such a creepy "coincidence"... luckily the cleft wasn't on my lips, but it was enough to freak her out!


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                          scientific studies has proven supersititous pple die early! :roll:

                          *wonder how many pple actually follow the myths?*


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                            Well, for what i think it's better to believe and avoid doing all these then regretting after that..

                            when my mum was carrying me, my dad was trying to fit a dressing table in our new house.. no adult was around at that time, so my mum help him by holding still the mirror stand in order for my dad to nail it ... the first hit of the hammer my mum feels some discomfort on her tummy.she starts to get panic.
                            On the very day she gave birth to me.. my dad and her start to check me thru and she found a tiny hold on the top portion of my left ear which looks like a nailed hold.. believe it?! you better do!


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                              nat: i would say quite a few. too many coincidences, especially for moving/renovation/scissors.