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    Doea any of you gals use eye massager? While shopping today i noticed that OTO and OSIM both carry their own version of eye massager.

    OTO's claims to be able to reduce myopia too. Sounds interesting. Anyone has tried their products or have any advice to give? Cos i am thinking of getting one but not sure which one to get, as I wish to reduce my myopia.

    Thanks gals.

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    not too sure whether it reduces myopia but it definitely works for puffiness. for the massager from OTO.

    I have been using for the last 2 weeks and it reduces my puffy eyes!


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      i tried one before (i can't remember if its OTO or Osim though!) but it hardly works for me..

      just found it really irritating due to the humming sound and sensation. i felt like i was going to sneeze any moment


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        Its doesnt work overnight

        Yeah. I get that sneezing feeling too when I first started using.

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          I have the OTO eye massager and it's like some vibrating mechanism on my eyes. Don't think it really works. Haven't been using it for so long.


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            Originally posted by nymphette
            not too sure whether it reduces myopia but it definitely works for puffiness. for the massager from OTO.

            I have been using for the last 2 weeks and it reduces my puffy eyes!
            Hi, I also have puffry eyes. Mine is gfenetic, How much did you pay for the massager. You use it every night before sleep?


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              Eye Massager (OSIM, OTO and others)

              Hi cotters,
              I have eye puffiness and thinking of many ways to reduce my puffiness. I have tried many creams and it all didnt seem to work. Eye treatments in salon are too expensive for me. So I thought of using some eye massager to reduce it. It seems that Osim and Oto have them.

              Osim has two type, 1 is using chinese acupuncture ($5 and the other air pressure($149). I realise that cheaper 1 menu include reducing eye puffiness. where as the other didnt have this function. However, it include that it will improve the blood circulation around the eye.

              Anyone bought eye massager before? What Brand? What does it do to your eyes? and how long have you use to see the effect?


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                I have OTO's Eyemotion eye massager.

                I don't use it regularly, but a few times I do see my dark circles visibly reduced right after using. The effect is not very long-lasting though. Guess having enough sleep is still the best solution.

                I tried Osim's Icare eye massager before - the one that costs about $150. I was attracted to it cos it was supposed to have a heating effect. However, when I tried it at the counter, I couldn't feel any warmth at all!


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                  sounds interesting, thought that it may help in reducing eye strain and tiredness after whole day of staring at computer and books. Do you all feel your eyes are much relax after the massage?


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                    i must be real mountain tortise! i didn't know there are such masseger around! so far, did it really works? ladies any update or feedback? i have got real puffy eyes and dark-eye ring.. wondering if it will help? and now that there is GSS, is there any promotion etc?


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            , there are 2 kinds over at OSIM??

                      is it good??


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                        anymore raves/rants about OTO eye massager? i bought one OTO trimax today and was given a 30 dollar voucher.. thinking of buying an eye massager... i hope it does help to relieve fatigue..


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                          Might be a little out of topic.

                          Today went to Centerpoint Osim at 3 level to accompany a friend to buy something. THey had a promotion until end of this month. Spend $300 and above, get a eye massager free. The eye massagar cost approx 60+


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                            the icare 100 eye massager cost around $58, looks quite crude looking i feel. the icare200 looks more state of the art, cost around $148. any cotters using icare 200?


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                              SO bought icare200. I must say it's not too bad Very relaxing on the eyes. Operates on 5, 10, 15 sessions.

                              However it runs on 4 AA batteries
                              gotta buy rechargeable ones.