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Dos and Don'ts during Confinement

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  • mac, kfc etc is junk foods even for normal people. so to eat junk food after confinement makes no sense since the person is supposed to build up her body again instead of feeding it with junk foods. more work to do for the body


    • wa...i can't imagine if after delivery, i cannot be able to wash my hair for a month....
      my hair will definitely smell & perhaps full of dandruff, & maybe hair lice???? eeeuuuu.....

      my mil also told me that i cannot shower during the confinement it true?? can only wipe body with white wine...hubby said it smell nice....
      she said i cannot drink plain water during that period too! cuz if i drink, i will end up like my mil who has excess at her tummy...i am after listening to these.

      cannot use aircon, cannot drink cold water, cannot do this cannot do that....

      i know confinement is far from my current stage now, but i really cannot imagine how i will survive w/o washing hair & showering.


      • Hi missbluey, I understand how you feel as my confinement ended only a week ago. Thank god !

        MIL did not allow me to bath, wash my hair. I even have to use boiled water and rice wine to wash up ! MIL says will 'jing feng' and fed me loads of red date water, so thirsty. Nearly lost my sanity and quarrelled with her *oops*

        I do not believe in confinement crap but went through everything out of respect for MIL. Thankfully, hubby was supportive and I sneak in for a quick bath everytime she is out and drank plain water once she is out of sight *panting*, Nope, my tummy wasn't bloated.

        Have to admit it was tough and was counting down my days but all is worth at the sight of your baby.. It will pass, after all, women are the strongest being!


        • Confinement Period Superstition

          Hi All,

          Heard from word of mouth that after you deliver and doing confinement, your second child should not sleep in the same room as you do. This will cause conflict between siblings. Anyone heard of this superstition? How true is this? Please do share


          • All the more you should let them sleep together coz this will bond them together... let the older one knows that he has a little baby brother or sister to take care and he or she is a big brother or sister now... i feel no such supersititious should occur.


            • Agree with mummy, i never heard of this kind of things before.


              • hi Piixie,

                when i told my mum about what my mil said, she seemed a little surprised. haha.
                couldn't help to visualise once after my delivery - how to survive.

                when you were doing your confinement, did you ever step out of your house??? just being curious.

                i thought of sneaking a bath & hair wash when mil is not in. but then, fil isn't working anymore & mil plans of hiring a maid to look after bb. hubby thinks it isn't safe for bb to be taken care by a unknown stranger, but mil firmly believes that if we treat her well, the maid will be nice & blah blah. to her thinking. i am not really in a favour of hiring a maid plus the fact that we are staying in a 3 room flat. in future, there will be 5 of us including bb, plus the maid, it will be 6 people in the house! so squeezy! mil kept saying the maid will sleep with bb in their bedroom & the 2 of them sleep in living room.


                • my mum will be doing confinement for my sis
                  and through talks, i know that she said it is better if she were to stay in bed the whole day, and cannot stand too long. is that true?
                  cannot even walk about in the house? of course i do not mean for the whole of 1 hr kept standing or walking
                  but doing some simple household chores is it possible?


                  • Missbluey: Yeap, you bet! I did go out Went out during my second week and even went JB to buy diapers in my third week.

                    Had a maid too a month before delivery to help around during confinement and she will eventually be taking care of bb alone when I return to work as my folks and inlaws are working. Agree that still dun feel 100% comfy but have no choice.. At least you still have your fil to keep an eye on things.. Gotta monitor maid, so far mine dotes on bb a lot.

                    Huan: I had a natural birth and did walk around the house cos body achy from lying down too much! My gynae had also encouraged me to walk around more to aid wound healing. The nurses at the hospital also did not stop me from my occasional waddling to the nursery


                    • Piixie: wa...i think i die also won't step out of my house! that is if i really can't bathe/wash at all...sigh.

                      i am not sure by then fil will still continue he is the type who likes to go out every now & then..

                      so that means you immediately return to work after delivery??


                      • I didn't leave the house for first 2 weeks mainly because my stitches were so painful and having to change pads so often (heavy lochia) was irritating! Also because I didn't want to bring baby out so soon ... but by the end of 2nd week I sneaked out to J8 for about 2 hours. Felt sooo lembeg after that, like my legs couldn't take it. And the worse thing is, I had lunch at a restaurant that had cold hard seats and I was so sore, couldn't sit properly!!

                        So if your wounds have healed nicely and you are allowed to shower ( imagine the dust you pick up from outside! ), I think it's a good idea to at least walk around to get your body muscles used to moving.


                        • Originally posted by Piixie View Post
                          Huan: I had a natural birth and did walk around the house cos body achy from lying down too much! My gynae had also encouraged me to walk around more to aid wound healing. The nurses at the hospital also did not stop me from my occasional waddling to the nursery
                          really? coz heard from somewhere that for the first 10 days shouldnt walk abt too much so as to let the wound heal??
                          my sis also had natural birth and she just gave birth last night! i guess the wound might be deeper since the doc had to use forceps to get the baby out
                          so far my sis hasnt mentioned anything about the nurse saying she shouldnt walk about... i guess probably for the first 3 to 4 days she just keep to minimal walking just in case...