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  • Bridal cakes directory

    Auntie Pat's
    Tel: 6445 5484 (ask for Pat)
    [email protected]
    [email protected]'s

    B&W Bakery & Confectionery
    Blk 399 Yung Sheng Road
    #01-23/24 Taman Jurong Shopping Centre
    Singapore 610399
    Tel: 6265 1117 / 6261 4452
    Fax: 6262 1430
    [email protected]

    Cherylshuen Wedding cakes

    Tel: 6235 2281

    Savoury Fare
    699 East Coast Rd
    Singapore 459061
    Tel : 6441 1333 /6241 1332
    Fax : 6241 1332

    The Patissier
    18 Ann Siang Road #01-01
    Singapore 069698
    Tel: 6220 5565
    Fax: 6227 5565

    International sites

    Ron Ben-Israel's Wedding Cakes

    Coning Cakes

    Delicious Desserts

    Carlo's Bakery
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    Demi dear, you can opt for mini tarts instead of cakes. I think I'm going to do that when my turn comes. Yes, you can send it out together with your invitation cards. Or you may opt for collecting the cakes themselves by giving them (Bengawan) cake vouchers(limited to certain cakes though).


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      Dolphin too getting married..If yes, congrats , if not i'm sure u will find that someone special soon.

      according to my mom, she said that cakes/tarts should only be distributed for the girl side. there is no need for the guy side to distribute cakes. is that true??
      so who shall i distribute cakes to - all my relatives or one per household??
      So how many cakes should i order??


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        Demi dear, I'm ROM-ed. Have yet to go through customary.

        Yes, your mum is right. The cakes are only distributed to the girl's saide. One per household is enough. If one of the girls also married in that household, then you may need to give another box. That's what they usually practise. I don't know if i'm on the 'right track' or not.


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          Just to share my experience. What my parents did was to distribute the cakes to immediate relatives (as in parents' siblings and my maternal grandparents), and my dad's aunties and uncles. Yup, it is one cake for each household. This is to be distributed together with the invitation cards. My parents settled all the 16 households on guo da li* day itself.

          For us, we chose to have simple marble cakes. Feel that marble cakes keep better and are more practical. Imagine bringing the 16 boxes of tarts out and by the time my parents reach the last house, they have to check if the cream has gone bad!

          *day where exchange of betrothal gifts take place


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            Thanks Vonnie for the sharing the valuable info.

            Thanks Dolphin for starting this thread..i was about to start a smiliar thread because i felt the topic was irrelevant.

            My concerns:

            when is the appropriate time to should i distribute the wedding cakes?

            Distributing of wedding cakes should be done together with the invitation cards right? - My AD is in Nov, when is a good time i should have my invitations cards ready

            Vonnie, what is Guo Da Li*?? ( day where exchange of betrothal gifts take place), who gives them?? how come you hv got 16 households?? isnt this just between the bride and groom family only

            What is the average prices of these wedding cakes?? :huh:



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              Demi, about 3 weeks to a month before your actual day will be a good time

              The gift exchange take place between your family and your hubby's family. In our case, prior to the "betrothal day", my mum and mum-in-law sat down and discussed what is to be exchanged. On the stipulated day, the groom's side will send the cakes and gifts over, and the bride's side will keep the gifts and gift what they have prepared for the groom's side. What are the gifts will depend on the dialect and custom the parents involved want to follow.

              The 16 households are that of relatives, meaning those whom my parents go and distribute the cakes and invitation cards to

              Depending on what type and size of cakes you order and where you order the cakes from they can range from as little as $3/4 a cake to $20 odd! Actually I feel it is most economical to get from HDB shops which are familiar in handling guo da li stuff. They will have very reasonably priced cakes. My in-law got the cakes from St Anna Cake Shop in Jurong area. The marble cakes are really nice


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                Thanks Vonnie

                I also agree with you about getting the cakes from those HDB bakeries. Cheaper and many a times better too.

                I will go hunt around at tampines area for those cake shops.


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                  I heard about Bengawan Solo's voucher scheme too. Anyone know if other reputable cake shops are doing this as well?

                  I would like to get mini tarts instead of a whole cake too. I remember reading this shop called Choz making them. Anyone tried them?


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                    HI queenie...

                    Chox cakes and tarts look

                    I found these. You might be interested as an alternative too.



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                      Hah! I just rang up Choz to place my order on these

                      Next is to get vouchers from Bengawan Solo...


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                        I gave out fruit tarts instead and got mine from PrimaDeli. Costs around $6 per box (12 pcs). Relatives were all very pleased as its something different and they looked good too. Downside is you cant keep the tarts for >3/4 days.


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                          May i ask why you are giving both tarts and cake vochors??
                          Why didnt you order the tarts with the cakes like these??

                          I am interested in these


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                            demigoddess1512, I am giving out mini tarts to my immediate families and elderly folks who complain that it's troublesome to get cakes from Bengawan Solo. O' well.

                            Nah. I prefer mini tarts than cakes.


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                              For mine, my hotel package includes cakes too. So my relatives' got a cake from Ah Teng's Bakery. The cake was so lovely (and delicious) that I even gave one to my best friend's family and one to my in-laws.

                              My parents are super lazy. They brought all the cakes to my Auntie's place and ask all my relatives to gather there to collect!