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  • Actual Day Itinerary

    Hi girls,

    Just wondering what are the itinerary for the actual day itself.
    For e.g: After groom's arrival, the normal haggling. Do the couple serve tea to the bride's elders/relative or they are suppose to do it after returing from the Groom's side?

    A bit confusing and need help from those who have already been through this . So what is your itinerary then?

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    For my relatives, the groom will pick up the bride at her place, serve tea to the parents and grandparents and leave for the groom's place. Serve tea for all the groom's relatives and then take off for the bride's place again to serve tea for the rest of her relatives.


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      To the best of my knowledge,

      I thought the usual procedure was groom will come pick up the bride, usual haggling.
      after that return with the groom to his house for the tea ceromony and then back to the bride house for tea ceromony.



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        ok, whether the tea ceremony should b at groom's hse first or bride's hse first is entirely up to the couple.

        by right, traditionally after picking the bride tea ceremony MUST take place at groom's house first, then bride's house. but present-day logic says since u r already at the bride's while picking her up, some couples have their tea ceremony at the bride's place first, then return to the groom's place for it, that is, if groom's parents n relatives r ok with it


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          hey girls .. thank you so much for your advice.

          Do you girls go for outdoor photography on your actual day, for e.g: on the way to the groom's hse, pop by somewhere for actual day photography. If yes, where do you think will be good place? Any recommendations?


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            From what I understand is that some would go for outdoor photography after the tea-ceremony. Others would go back to the hotel / house for an early rest before the dinner.

            Recommendations: Singapore Esplanade, along the Railway, and the list goes on ...

            Alternatively, you can communicate with your photographer on your preference of the scenery on the actual day.


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              hmm.. along he railway seems a good idea, since my house is so near the railway.

              thanks, dolphin for that idea


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                My actual day went something like that:
                - Hubby came to pick me up, proceeded to hubby's parents' place for tea ceremony
                - Stop by Punggol park which is somewhat on the way for some photo-taking
                - Proceed to our new house for eating tang yuen and lighting up the light at the side of our new bed. Hubby will help me remove my veil and I change into my tea dress
                - Go back to my parents' place for tea ceremony and buffet lunch
                - Go to my maternal grandparents' place for tea ceremony (cos my grandpa cannot move around too much)
                - Proceed to hotel to bath and rest before make-up artist come and help me do the evening make-up.


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                  wow vonnie, that definitely sounds like a hectic day!


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                    My actual day went like this:

                    7.30am: Hubby picked me up from my parents' home
                    8.00am: Tea ceremony at my in-laws' home
                    9.00am: Left in-laws' home for my parents' home, rested
                    11.00am: Make-up artist came to do my hair and make-up
                    12 noon: Changed into wedding gown, MUA put on final touches
                    12.30pm: Rested
                    1.30pm: Left for church
                    2.15pm: Wedding
                    3.15pm: Reception
                    4.30pm: Went to our new home, freshened up
                    7.00pm: Dinner with my family

                    It was much more relaxed than some wedding days, but I was still so tired at the end of it, I really admire those brides who can go the whole hog in one day -- tea ceremony, pix and banquet.

                    I think the most important thing to remember is to factor in time to rest and refresh yourself. After all, your wedding day is supposed to be a wonderful, happy day, and you don't want to be too tired to enjoy it!


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                      yeah, I agree with you. My friend intend to have her ROM on the same day too. I wonder how she handle. I will be dead beat if I m her. hey thanks Pronuptia.


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                        Mine went like this:

                        1) Pick-up by groom
                        2) Tea ceremony at in-laws
                        3) Went to our new place for light up, pics and changed to tea dress
                        4) Back to parent's for tea ceremony and lunch
                        5) Straight to hotel (decided not to do outdoor pics) for some pic-taking, rest and wait for make-up artist.

                        Actually was real tired by the time I went back to parent's place for tea ceremony coz didnt sleep a wink the night before! So real glad didnt arrange for any outdoor shoot.


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                          Originally posted by nymphette
                          Do you girls go for outdoor photography on your actual day, for e.g: on the way to the groom's hse, pop by somewhere for actual day photography. If yes, where do you think will be good place? Any recommendations?
                          My friend did that. She was so early that the in-laws weren't ready yet, so they stopped by at MacRitchie, cos it happened to be on the way to the groom's house, and they took some impromptu shots. They turned out beautifully! But it's not so much about choosing a nice location, since one S'pore park looks much like another -- I think most of the credit must go to the photographer.


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                            hi i m new new here.. Found this thread interesting.. May i m what is the thing i and hubby and family and friz(sis or brother) got to prepare be4 the day of ceramary.. And the nxt morning i and hubby and family and friz (sis and bother) need to prepare i know sis is follow me and the brother will be with my hubby..

                            For dinner what we need to do and prepare.. and olso after dinner reach our new home what to prepare


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                              sounds horrible and tiring............. even have to smile for camera for one whole day?