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    Got my cards printed from Lil Art Cards and Favours.
    We were very pleased with their service and the quality of the cards. What we did was...provided them with our idea and initial design and they improved on it. Price was reasonable too.

    Btw, they were the ones who did the cards & decor for Andrea&Pierre's wedding.


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      Poohgal, may i know how much you paid for the printing? Actually, I have no idea how to ask about the price for the printing


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        Printing services

        Shon, more info on Printing services here


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          Thanks, dolphin. I love Tecman & T-Dragon card design.


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            Shon Dear..

            I heard that T-dragons designs are the best with the most cvariety..

            Dont know how true is that. however i noticed that the priniting costs are quite reasonable.


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              I still don't know their prices yet.....


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                These are T-dragons printing charges. take your time to source, no for me..No to use T-dragon for my invitations

                Give them a call to request them to send you a brochure with their card designs. I thin that they should have :huh:

                Overprinting Charges with Chinese and English Invitation Wording:

                For Non Banquet Package Customers:

                Gold/Silver foil hot stamping on cards or standard insert paper:
                1st 100 pcs (cost inclusive of artwork and hot stamping block)
                thereafter per pcs

                Economic printing in gold/silver ink on standard insert paper :
                1st 200 pcs Nett price
                thereafter per pcs

                S$ 0.50

                S$ 0.25

                Optional: Charges vary on different items

                1. Church Wedding Cards/personalized cards or special printing color
                2. Printing of photograph/ names/ wedding date / quotation on cover
                3. Supplying and tying of ribbons, silver/ gold string or other accessories on cards
                4. Insert paper of various quality and colors

                Lead time:

                10 days after confirmation of artwork/draft.
                Fast delivery can be arranged at extra charges.
                To ensure highest quality and customer satisfaction, all our products are subject to stringent quality control before delivery.


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                  Dear, I think the prices are reasonable. I should discuss this with my mum & bf. I am not sure my mum got any "lobang" to find cheapier alternative with the same quality in KL. Thanks for the information. Very useful.

                  In fact, T-dragon is quite good already for me. Even though you said you got no choice, i believe your card will turn out to be good & nice. Remember to show me if possible.


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                    Hi dear...

                    no problem...i will try to scan my card for you to view once its done.

                    Yes i think its better for you to consult your mom first if she got better deals around in KL. i feel that the standard is KL should not be that bad

                    Actually when i was in Kl last year..i came across their bridal road shows...they have really pretty gowns too.


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                      I know that my sisters used the traditional design for the invitation card. I think you which one I refer : Red colour with pink paper inside the card and write only Chinese characters. I want to have something from my sisters. Of course, must get permission from my mum 1st.

                      P/S: which KL road did you mention? Jalan Ipoh is it??


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                        Oh the one the sister used is the really really traditional design i cant have something like that. i will flip

                        Nowdays the invitations has both chinese and english characters and worse still, i can barely read chinese, let along understand them. :roll:

                        I didnt see it at a KL road...i saw it at a roadshow along Jln Bt Bintang, drooling at those dresses and so much cheaper compared to SG.

                        however is aw their photoshoots that they did, really disappointing,
                        so its advisable to find your own AD photography in SG


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                          yes, me too. I just think : Can i ask the printer to print based on my own design? :roll:

                          I think I will go back to KL in June. See whether I can find something cheaper and report to you again.


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                            Dear...dont need to report ...share can already..

                            Report like so fierce like that

                            oh so you going KL is june. that's nice


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                              Yes, report sounds serious. Share of course.

                              Suppose to go back this May but too busy. Then, purpose it to next month.

                              I will try my best to look for good design invitation cards and share with you all here.