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  • India!

    I'm flying off to Chennai, India next week. Heard the weather is good like crazy there. Anyone been there before?

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    hope it was great

    India is a beautiful place isn't it? I'd only been to Bombay to attend a traditional wedding...but for the short duration...i have to say, it was totally fabulous.

    Didn't wanna go in the first place, but now, i know for sure that i will be visiting other cities in India!!


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      its a nice place if you know how to appreciate it. i love indian cottons and fabrics.


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        Hello! I'll be heading down to India with friends during december.. and we'd be extending our stay there by a week.. was thinking of covering Delhi and Goa....has anyone been to these places? Do you gals have any place to recommend?? You'll be a great helpp! thankz~


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          India is a beautiful country! i've never been there before. But would love to visit there one day! enjoy your trip! I can't be of any help here.. hope other ladies who've been there can help you


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            Been to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur (all quite close to each other)

            It's very polluted there and quite messy, can be quite a culture shock especially living in singapore.

            Do look out for their Police jeeps and they have some trucks that are heavily decorated, very itneresting!

            The easiest way to get around is to hire a driver from the hotel, it's quite cheap and they know where to go.

            Just to note, in Delhi, give the Lotus temple a miss.
            Gotta take your shoes off and stand in a long long long queue.. and there's nothing in the temple.. just chairs. Just need to look at it from the outside.

            Oh and bring a shoebag along, most of the religious places (even Taj Mahal) would require you to take your shoes off.. and there've been cases of people nicking your shoes even when you keep it with the shoe care-taker.

            If you like shopping can head to Chandi Chowk and Janpath market, and there are some bazaars near Connaught place. Dilli Haart is a must go place as well. Remember ot bargain, cut the price down to 70% of the cost and work from there.
            Oh and there's lots of fast food at Connaugh place if you want to try the indian version of macdonalds.

            Avoid any hotels in the Old Delhi area.. you end up paying ALOT for a run-down hotel.

            The red fort is kind of run-down, not well upkept. So it was quite a disappointment

            Some traveling tips..
            As a female.. do becareful about molestation, the men there are very open about touching you. No wearing sleeveless or tight or low-neck clothes for your own safety.
            And if any 'tour guides' or people at places of interests offer you help, it usually means you have to pay them after. So don't get conned.
            What i noticed is that the locals tend to stare alot at me and my group of friends as we are chinese, so that was a queer thing hahaha. It's like being an animal in the zoo.

            Another note.. there are alot of touts around. Be firm and not even give them any eyecontact or talk to them. Or else they'll keep hassling you.
            Always keep money by your side in a sealed pocket or something, pickpocketing is frequent

            And drink only bottled water, and always check if the seal is intact. Try brands like Aquafina and another by the Coca-cola company (forgot already)
            And do not eat food from roadside stalls, if you really want to try, try foods that are heavily cooked like deep fried..

            OVerall was a really interesting place to go, no regrets!

            Haven't been to Goa.. so no help there sorry


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              My friend has been to Goa and he recommended me to go there because it's a very beautiful place. I surfed around and managed to find some really beautiful pictures of Goa too. I'm sure you will like it there.


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                which part of india is lovely n nice for a holiday?


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                  is goa near new delhi?


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                    No, Goa is near Mumbai which is west India.

                    I was in India for 1.5 months for work. I'm not the kind who likes to rough it out, so as exotic as India is, I think I can stand it for max 2 weeks. I went shopping on weekends along the streets and there aren't any malls. Things were cheap there if you manage to bargain. Food is quite cheap too.

                    My colleague went to a hillstation over the weekend and from the pictures, I knew I couldn't survive there. Firstly, he went by train. Which is really old (more than 100 years) and really packed. The stories are true. People just hop on buses and hang off buses and trains. The hotel he stayed in (which cost S$100 at least) was really bare bones. No aircon, no lights in the morning (if you wake up too early), small toilet...

                    It's hard to get around alone if you're a girl. Firstly, you get loads of attention and there are beggars along the streets. I didn't go out alone at night.

                    Good things about India... the hotel facilities were nice (I stayed at the Taj), lots of earring and shawl shopping and more importantly, India made me appreciate Singapore and feel very very fortunate. The slums in Mumbai can be quite depressing.


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                      Just now back from India after a short trip....Tajmahal is fantastic .....No wonder it is one of the "wonders of the world"...... Went to Kerala.....the backwaters and the boat ride in Kumarakom ....I just love it... The beach in Varkala (reminds me of Bintan ) is really beautiful and especially the cliff...Got a friend too from Varkala... a tourist like me from my chat friend


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                        I might have to go Mumbai / New Dehli in Sept.. any cotters has reccommedations?


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                          Originally posted by liyun86 View Post
                          which part of india is lovely n nice for a holiday?
                          the hill stations are great. darjeeling, ooty, shimla.