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Any female Bikers here?

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  • Any female Bikers here?

    Me wanted to take bike theory test soon,

    Then save up money to buy a little cute bike,like the limited edition vespa from Anna sui, LolX

    Any female bikers able to share their experience *** me?

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    No tips... I'd say that it's pretty easy to pass the basic theory. Dont worry.


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      OT but the anna sui vespa is soooooooooo cute!


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        I learnt motorbike three years ago and fell down umpteen times during practical lessons. There were a few times where the bike fell on me and other guys had to pull me out of it!

        Nevertheless, it was really a very good experience. I did not manage to complete the lessons as my bf and parents were very displeased to see the bruises on my legs and hands. They discouraged me to learn bike and said it was pointless since I already had my car driving licence.


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          reviving this thread....

          so, any experienced bikers out there? is the practical part v hard to learn?

          after months of pillioning i wanna try riding myself...


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            I really wanna learn, but I can't even cycle so can I actually balance a motorbike?


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              erm, bf says you need to have a good sense of balance otherwise v hard to control the bike. and even the smallest bike isn't that light!


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                True. Although there is something very sexy with a female biker. She will get all the guy's attention when she ride pass them.

                Imagine a girl with long hair and a full face helmet riding a sport bike... Whoa...
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                  long hair untied while riding = plenty of knots and tangles to comb out later!!

                  anyhow, i dont want a sports bike, am eyeing the old school Vespa!


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                    ponytail then ?

                    Hmm... nothing to comment.
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                      hahahahaha....guys don't seem to like the Vespa much eh? as tim the toolman taylor might says, "NO POWER!"

                      too bad. as my SO says, "you think you're Audrey Hepburn having a Roman Holiday ah?"


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                        Dont get me wrong, im not looking down on the vespa. Its a perfectly reasonable bike for a lady... as well as those guys who are...err.. more in touch with the femine side.

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                          well, i think it's cute.

                          okie then, how about the X9?
                          what do you ride eh?

                          oh just a reminder, do avoid quotations if you're replying directly below the post yah?


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                            The x9 is a good ride, can modify it to look real elegant and stylish.

                            I drive.


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                              i've gotten my class 2B since 2000 but has not ridden since....

                              recently i've seen lots of girls on class 2A bikes (eg super4)....too bad i didn't continue....else i cld have gone on to class 2....