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  • Ang Baos for Officiants

    Hi girls,

    I know its depend largely on how much you wanna give. But perhaps someone can give a guideline, to avoid giving too less or too much.

    For e.g:

    1. The "sisters" and "brothers"
    2. The person who open the car-door
    3. The drivers
    4. The photographer/ videographer (if neccessary)
    5. The captain in charge of your banquet (i have heard that a small token for the captain, ensures everything runs smoothly for the night)
    6. The make-up artist
    7. The emcee

    Any others whom I have left out?
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    Need to give them to the "Mei-ren" and any kids or unmarried cousins as well!


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      Re: Ang Baos for Officiants

      We gave angpaos to our driver, wedding car owner, ushers, "traffic warden", receptionists, scripture reader and "floor manager", who were all our friends. IIRC, the wedding car owner and floor manager got $50, while everyone else got $20.

      We arrived at the $20 figure cos some friends told us they gave $10 and regretted it cos they felt their friends had put in a lot of effort helping out, and they wished they'd given more, since this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

      I still dunno what the market rate is, but maybe if other brides share we can figure something out.


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        3. Driver - Unless he is your close relative and owns a car, not too sure how much is the market rate. Accordingly to my SO, he got $100 - $200 on two different occasions.

        5. Captain - Perhaps $20?? I have heard waiters/waitresses each get $10 when they served a rich family during the banquet.

        I was once asked to help a very close friend of mine to help her change her gowns during the dinner, I got $80.

        Not too sure about how much the others will get.