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    i went to Bintan with my boyfriend on valentine's that im having my holidays, we plan to go on another trip...any ideas of somewhere near where can enjoy beautiful beaches and shoppin? any resorts in particular? fill me in yea...

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    How about Phuket & Pattaya? I went there when I was pretty young and the beach was beautiful!


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      Weekend Getaways

      Planning to go somewhere near for a break. Here's some recommendations for a 3D2N/ weekend getaways.

      Malaysia Beach Getaways
      1. Cherating
      2. Pulau Rawa
      3. Desaru
      4. Langkawi
      5. Redang
      6. Sibu Island
      7. Kota Kinabalu
      8. Pangkor Island
      9. Pulau Tioman
      10. Pulau Aur (diving)
      11. Sipadan (diving)
      12. Pulau Perhentian (diving)

      INDONESIA Getaways
      1. Bintan
      2. Bali
      3. Lombok
      4. Medan & Lake Toba
      5. Manado
      6. Padang

      THAILAND Getaways
      1. Krabi
      2. Pattaya
      3. Phuket
      4. Koh Samui
      5. Phi Phi Island


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        Any good and trustworthy tour agency to recommand as well?


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          Originally posted by ArieS
          Any good and trustworthy tour agency to recommand as well?
          hee, I m not too sure about good agents but I always get info from misa travel's website! Very informative!


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            Weekend gateaway in Singapore

            Gals out here any ideas on where to go with SO?
            Know any good deals within these couple of months?


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              Eh sorry what do you mean by gateaway? :huh: If you are referring to a weekend getaway, then I think there was already a previous thread on this topic. Just do a search on it.


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                You mean a weekend getaway in our local hotels, huh?

                Else, Cozytravel is always a good place for information.



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                  Nearby places for a 3-4 day trip

                  besides, bali, bangkok, hk, bintan and kl.

                  are there any good places to recommend?

                  ;coz my bf n i can't afford to take more than 1-2 days fof and we're intending to travel over the weekends.

                  thanx! =)


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                    hahah, Pills. Right on. that's the question that i wanted to ask as well...
                    anyone has any good recommendation? I can only afford 3days.
                    Was thinking of Redang. Check out this Safra promo.
                    Dunno if it's good...

                    Redang Promo


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                      Batam...2D1N is enough...can go there have massage, jet ski-ing, etc etc...basically relax...stay in the hotel room watch TV...haha


                      Trengannu(spell?). Actually most beaches near malaysia or indo are nice.

                      Desaru in malaysia? Kota Tinggi?


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                        I just came back from a cruise. There are packages for a few days as well. It was so fun and relaxing. It was off peak season when I went so the cruise didn't have that many kids running or screaming. I would go again if there is another promotion. The meals are good too.


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                          may i know how much you spend on this package?


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                            Originally posted by ahmay1218
                            may i know how much you spend on this package?
                            are you referring to me? I don't know coz my husband took care of the payment. I know that it was at a 40% discount promotion which was very good. We booked it a few weeks after the Tsunami thing so I am not sure if that was the reason for the promotion. I think that the earlier you book, the discount is better, like the early bird specials?


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                              Club Med!! Bali or the new one in Malaysia you never leave the village because you don't need to and it's great fun and full of activities.