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  • Hawaii

    Hi girls,

    Any one been to Hawaii? How is it like? I have heard about the beautiful beaches and was thinking of going there for honeymoon.

    Hows the weather like in Oct? Is it all time summer?

    What can you do there?

    Feed me more info please

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    Ill be going to hawaii in 2 days so ill let u know when i get back


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      Great... looking to hear from you..
      You goin on a package tour or F & E?
      Which island are you going?
      Tell me more please

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        It depends on which island you plan to go to.
        There's Hawaii (Big Island), Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai and Lanai.

        Honolulu is in Oahu. It's a busy cosmopolitan city, with beaches/resorts etc.,

        Also, which island you go to also depends on what you plan to do ! If you want a city type of place with plenty of shopping etc., then Honolulu (Oahu) is the place to go.

        If you want to rest n relax, then Maui or Kauai.

        The weather in Oct is mild, it's still hot, slightly humid, sunny in the day till about 3-4pm and gets abit cloudy afterwards. It's cooling but not chilly. This based on my experience in Maui.

        You can also read up about Hawaii @
        It gives suggestions on what type of activities you can do there


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          hi nymphette

          i live in hawaii (oahu). if you tell me what island you plan to visit, i can try and tell you what they have there. but the other gals have been right.

          oahu - best shopping centers, waikiki
          big island - volcano, lava tubes, mac nut farms
          kauai - very green mountains, peaceful, relaxing
          maui - hana, i'ao needle (mountain), resort hotels, water tours
          lanai - small, secluded

          yah, that gohawaii website will help you. all the islands have nice beaches.

          the weather seems same all year round. mostly sunny.



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            Cool... Thanks hula girl!!
            I will be back with questions lol..
            Most likely, I will be at Oahu and Big Island.. Wanna go snorkelling around the island, suntanning and lots more!
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              hawaii is really one of the most beautiful places i'll been so far.The people are super friendly and pleasant,making shopping even more fun that it already isWakiki is an awesome place to stake out with the beautiful beach and malls!the Hilton hotel there is wonderful too...visit the pink hotel too..hmm...forgot what it's called,I think the royal hawaiian hotel or sth like that?Sorrie,real bad with names.It's pink though and the oldest hotel in wakiki i heard?
              Go to the Polynesian Centre if you can.It's really an experience...You have to stay for their sorta dinner buffet and night show too.Plus you get to see the north shore(surfing) on your way there if you drive.


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                hey ange,

                you went there on a f&e tour?

                Care to share where is nice to go?

                I m thinking of island hopping but dont know how? I would appreciate if you can tell me more about hawaii.

                For e.g: Food and transportation, Cash or credit..


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                  hey ya,sure no prob

                  I was there with my family and some frens free and we just planned where we wanted to go and drove around.It's pretty easy to find all the brilliant spots though we didnt have any tour guides at all.The people are really,really friendly and they'll help you out anytime at all.I went to O'ahu,and basically just drove around the entire island.Coz we were staying at Ko Olina,we drove up to the North Shore area and then back to Honolulu and Wakiki.

                  If you're going to O'ahu,the Polynesian Cultural Centre is a must visit!the whole place is run by the students from the university that the cultural centre supports.From the guides,gift store assistants to the hawaiian performers and everbody.They are all students!It's really cool and they are super duper nice,as like all the people in hawaii are.You have to try the Alii Lu'au Feast there,it's like a traditional hawaiian buffet dinner cum hawaiian show performace during and after the dinner.It's really,really beautiful!
                  The North Shore is also famous for its brilliant surfing,and like intl competitions are held there too,end of the yr.I hope to catch the show this time round when I revisit the island end of the yr,.Coz the last time I went was ard this time,June/july period.

                  Some other places/stores to visit:

                  ~Wakiki beach.It's brilliant!Shopping,dining,sun and the waters!The waves are so fun to play ard with.haha,my frens and i were like country pumkins,coz singapore doesnt have these huge waves that literally CARRY you up and we were so excited
                  Plus ABC stores line the streets,every 100m of road has at least 2 ABC stores.Each one sells something a little different from the next so,it's kinda fun going in and out of each one!Btw,if you like Flojo's (the brand of beach flip flops.They are really comfy!)They are CHEAP in hawaii,abt US$12 a pair only..Here,they're selling for like $36 a pair?DUN buy roxy,etc's dollar for dollar value.e.g.singapore roxy's short is $56,there it will be US$56.

                  there's this biggest mall in hawaii or sth like that in Wakiki too,it's rather near Hilton hotel Wakiki.Look out for it!They have shops from Chanel to Abercrombie,Old Navy,Macy's and Banana Republic.

                  ~Weekend Market
                  I sorta forgot the name...I think it's aloha weekend market or sth like thatbad memory.All I know is that the locals know abt it too and it's held at this stadium every weekend.You can get LOTS of stuff there to bring home to your friends.If you wanna get souvenirs.This is the place.From beach towels with beautiful hawaiian flowers print all over them(like roxy towels),tshirts,to traditional hawaiian necklaces and shell bracelets.I bought the hawaiian version of guitar too!5 of them!

                  It's EVERYWHERE

                  ~Go for a sailing experience at Hilton Hotel...hmm..If I'm not wrong it's $38 per person?Includes a drink and they sail you out from the shores of wakiki.So,so nice...=D

                  ~Diamond Head

                  ~Pearl Habour Memorial

                  ~Royal Hawaiian Hotel
                  It's beautiful,pink and has history!

                  Other islands:

                  ~Big Island
                  Vocalno tour a must.

                  I dun really know lots abt the other islands deary!Coz I didnt manage to visit lots of them.I'm hyped abt visiting them at the end of the yr though

                  I dunnoe if your flight will transit at Narita Airport,coz they normally do.If they do,you should visit japan and stay for a night too.It's fun=D but definitely not enough!

                  tips for hawaii:

                  -Pick up these fun coupon books and attraction guides,they are all ard in these metal shelves along the streets.These will give you heaps of savings and freebies,as well as tips ard the island and tours avail for island hopping too!Great help!

                  -Food is generally expensive in hawaii,especially Japanese food! and they love spam.You'll really find it everywhere!lolx.Look for food courts instead of resturants whenever possible.

                  They have free shuttle buses from DFS Wakiki to various spots along Wakiki Beach.Hmm...If you are planning a free and easy trip,a car is a definite MUST.Easier to travel ard...

                  -They do accept major cards like visa in resturants,boutiques and big stores.But it's preferable to carry cash for purchases in smaller retail shops,markets,etc.

                  If you need any additional help abt island hopping,it's best to ask the hotel ppl.They dun overcharge for such tours and services there,so it's alright.Plus they can help to book any attractions and activities that you'll like to visit FOC.Hope all the information helped you a little!


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                    wow... thanks for the detailed information!~
                    Yes, we will be transiting in Narita Airport but doubt we will stay for a night.
                    Will be staying at Kahala Mandarin, near the Diamond Head.
                    Cool.. seems like the shopping there will drive me crazy.. but our main aim is to relax and enjoy..

                    so everything will be ay our own pace.. will be there for 10days or so..


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                      Thanks for the info. Anyone been to Hawaii recently? I am thinking of going there in June- is it a good time to go there?


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                        I'm going there again in August!! Can't wait!! It's my second time there because I love it there so much. You can never really go wrong with Hawaii. Each Island is unique and beautiful...


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                          Has anyone been to Hawaii before ??

                          pls share which hotel / resorts are nice....
                          what are the things to do there ??