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    Gonna be helping with a schoolmate's wedding this weekend, and i'm supposed to be one of the jiemei. having missed out on other friends weddings, this is my first time as 'jiemei'. so the question is,

    <b>what are the 'jiemei's supposed to do???</b>

    i know there's the bargaining with the groom and groomsmen when they come to pick up the bride. but what is an appropriate figure, and do the jiemei actually keep the angpow?

    there's also the 'saboing' of the groom right? what usually happens? my wicked mind can think up lots of evil evil things, but i don't want to go too far.

    what else IS there??

    any advice, suggestions, tips, most appreciated!

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    Oh this thread came just right. My bridesmaids (jie mei) and I are running out of ideas on how to sabo the groom and bestmen. We don't wanna do the usual singing "Xiao Wei", doing push ups or eating the four flavours. Anyone has anything funny or interesting?


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      err...what's the 'four flavours'?


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        Xuan1 (Sour), Tian2 (sweet), Ku3 (bitter), La4 (Spicy)


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          yes yes.. wanna know more about the sa-boing part. really crack our brain hard to be creative with our games but to no avail.

          I find that the whole wedding will be memorable if the haggling part is fun.

          Then your hubby will remember how much he got to sacrifice to marry you.

          Share what was done to your hubby on your big day!
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            Stuff that looks good captured on camera:
            * Singing

            * Dancing (Russian squat-kicking? or can-can?)

            * Singing & Dancing *con: looking like William Hung...?*

            * Juggling (with fruits?) *con: fruit wastage from all the dropping*

            * Doing the limbo (borrow mum's bamboo clothes pole) *con: backache and inability to perform on wedding night hehehe*

            * Arts & Crafts on-the-spot (arranging a flower bouquet, spelling out mushy initials on the sidewalk, making anything?) *pro: something to keep for the bride*

            I think important to see groom's character and temper... have heard of cases where the groom is not tolerant- it can backfire quite nastily. Definitely steer clear of questions like, "What do you dislike most about your wife-to-be/ her friends/ etc?"


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              Queennie, put red bean and green bean into a single bowl. Ask the brothers to seperate them. Let them know that the longer they take to seperate the beans, the longer the groom has to kneel in front of your door. Say if they take 5 mins to seperate, then the groom will have to kneel for 5 mins.

              Typical Questions: What are your favourite fruits & etc??


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                bwahahahahha....that's evil esabelle!

                *takes down notes*


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                  Ooo Esabelle! That's a pretty good one eh!


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                    esabelle: fantastic idea!

                    we did the usual boring 'ten reasons why you love the bride', 'ten reasons why you deserve her' crap. nothing exciting.

                    other than that, the jiemei-s usually just take care of the bride. make sure she's comfortable and feeling good. help her out if she needs anything..


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                      make the groom form " I love you" by eating the bread.

                      My brother-in-law manage to do that. Amazing.

                      For e.g: He form the "I" by folding the bread into half and bite at that part whereby the two edges meet.

                      Its really up to the groom and the brothers to help him with that!!!


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                        Originally posted by vixette
                        bwahahahahha....that's evil esabelle!

                        *takes down notes*
                        Yah I thought so too! I think jie-mei (s) plays a very important part to the bride. Because of the long procedures on the actual wedding, she is bound to forget something on that day.

                        On her wedding banquet, my sister was supposed to change into her evening gown after the 2nd dish but she was still happily enjoying the 3rd dish till one of the "sisters" reminded her.


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                          I think, how far the couple allows you to go, really really matters in how much you can play as a sister....

                          My jiemeis were rather "evil"... aiyoooh... my poor husband had to eat cheese topped with a thick layer of wasabi and ginger slices, dance in red netted G-string with all his brothers in red underwear, drink a diet supplement they found at my house, sing hokkien songs, dance para-para (almost), etc etc....

                          The worst of the worst of the worst.... he had to EAT ballut... that terrible terrible Phillipine delicacy which is the dead duckling fetus that is left rotting in the egg!! He nearly puked!!! But luckily, he didn't have to eat the head and brains... cos apparently the neck of the duckling broke when they were opening the the head was left uneaten...

                          But still.... OMG!! Just thinking of his sacrifice, I can through all else aside and be ever ever ever soooo willing to love him so much much much more... The best part is.... He took it all in a spirit of fun, kept laughing (and burping dead duckling juice) and even gave my jiemeis $328. ****..... poor guy.... Oooo.... just thinking of it makes me wanna go over to hug him now....


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                            Yucks, Angel!! That's so terrible and disgusting! I think my SO will rather die than eat that ballut up :puke:

                            Come to think about it. These poor grooms. They pay and yet have to be sabotaged.


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                              hi AngelBB, my boyfriend would have eaten the balut in an instant. actuallly, he'll eat anything featured in Fear Factor.

                              keep the suggestions coming in.