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    nope, all inclusive , i guess u can keep holdin the water to enhance the cleansing


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      A New Look at Colon Hydrotherapy
      by Loren Lockman
      Published in JEAA, Vol. 2, #3

      One of the benefits of eating a good raw diet is that the digestive tract starts to function as it should. Ideally, we eat a meal, and within hours have a bowel movement, eliminating the previous meal?s waste. When the system is healthy, we?ll have one or two meals in the digestive tract, but no more than that.

      Unfortunately, the average American has a 96-hour transit time from the mouth to the other end. This means that the average person carries 4 days worth of waste in their colon. Unless one eats less than once every four days, the average colon is constantly full of waste. For most people eating cooked food diets, the waste is toxic. We?re seeing the ramifications of this in society now.

      When we smoke for years, constantly taking toxic particulate matter into the lungs, we?re very likely to develop lung cancer (shocking news for cigarette industry executives). If we chew tobacco for years, we?re likely to develop mouth cancer of one sort or another. If we drink alcohol excessively for years, we?re likely to develop cirrhosis of the liver.

      The collective evidence shows that anytime an organ of the body is constantly in contact with toxic material, that part of the body is likely to become diseased. Given this fact, is it any wonder that colon cancer is the fastest growing form of cancer in the US? Allopathic (western) medicine tells us that along with ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn?s disease, and other lower GI tract diseases, colon cancer has nothing to do with what we eat.

      This conclusion is counter-intuitive, illogical, and further evidence of the enormous problems with our ?healthcare? system. Though the industrial-medical complex doesn?t get it, (or perhaps simply doesn?t want us to), these diseases are directly related to what we eat.

      Eating almost any kind of raw diet is likely to eliminate any risk of colon cancer. However, most of the other lower GI tract diseases can still occur, or continue, on a poorly planned raw diet. Eating excessive amounts of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, or even food that has been dehydrated, can often lead to constipation. This in turn, can lead to headaches, tiredness, and an overall lack of well-being. IBS, Crohn?s disease, and ulcerative colitis may continue on a raw diet containing vegetables with a high cellulose content, nuts, seeds, corn, or raw grains.

      Even eating an ideal raw diet consisting of high-water content fresh fruits and leafy greens may not resolve digestive tract problems as quickly as we?d like, especially if we?ve previously made poor diet and lifestyle choices. Many have heard of the dreaded ?mucoid plaque? said to be the lining of most people?s intestines. Clearly, carrying excess waste in the colon ? new or old ? does not contribute to health. What?s less clear is what to do about it.

      There are, of course, many remedies available today. The choices are only limited by our ability to believe in the miraculous powers of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, cassia, assorted herbs, and the various other substances that make up the intestinal cleansing ?systems? and products on the market today. These remedies continue to be popular, not because of any efficacy, but because they offer us what we really want: an easy solution that requires no real effort or change on our part.

      It?s the extremely toxic nature and irritating effect of these substances that creates the increased elimination by the body. These substances do not act on the body. Rather, the body, in its infinite wisdom, seeks to eliminate the source of irritation and toxicity as quickly as possible.

      Consuming something toxic in order to force the body?s actions assumes that we know the needs of our body better than it does. This is a poor assumption. Our bodies have infinitely more wisdom about their needs than we do, and are always doing the best they can, given the circumstances and conditions we provide.

      Many people consider enemas and colonics indispensable for cleansing the colon. Colon hydrotherapy certainly has a long history, with over 2000 years of documented use. Much more compelling, however, is that colon hydrotherapy often makes people feel better. And like the ?miracle? cleansing formulas, colon hydrotherapy has the added advantage of being done to us with little, if any effort required on our part Also, we do not need to make any long-term lifestyle changes. This is certainly a winning formula, and today you can find colon hydrotherapists practicing across the United States and the world.

      All of this seems to present a compelling case for colonics and enemas. However, things are not always what they seem to be.
      ?If it?s been around for 2000 years, it must work,? the popular argument goes. But given the unconscious tendency we have toward blindly believing and following our authorities, this is an extremely flawed philosophy. In spite of the work many have done to educate and affect real change in healthcare, people might one day use this argument to defend some of today?s more insidious allopathic medical practices. Longevity does not equate to validity.

      More important than it?s longevity is the fact that colon hydrotherapy frequently brings the relief that people seek. In other words, we feel better. This inconvenient fact greatly confounds our ability to accurately understand what?s happening within us.

      Though I certainly understand the desire for relief, I wouldn?t wish it for myself or anyone else if it interferes with real healing and cleansing. And this is what I believe is actually happening here. If this surprises you, remember that most forms of treatment and therapy can only effect symptomatic relief. Many forms of treatment make us feel better, but some may actively interfere with the body?s ability to do so.

      Might that be the case here? I think so.

      Conventional wisdom says that when waste sits in the colon, toxins are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, which in turn makes us feel bad. Let?s assume that this is what?s actually happening. If we then use an enema or colonic to flush this waste from the colon, that?s all we?ve done ? flush the waste from the colon. We?ve done nothing to eliminate the toxins that are reabsorbed back into the bloodstream. But it?s the toxins in the bloodstream, not the colon, that make us feel bad.

      To put this into terms that most of us can relate to, we don?t feel drunk immediately after having a drink. Or even several in a row. This is because we?re not intoxicated until the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. Once it?s absorbed into the bloodstream, only time can help to dissipate it from our system.

      So if the toxins in the bloodstream are unaffected by the enema or colonic, how can these therapies make us feel better? It occurs to me that there are only two ways to eliminate the pain of detoxification: the first, as mentioned above, is to allow enough time. An addict of any kind (tobacco, alcohol, heroin, caffeine, etc.) will experience painful withdrawal symptoms until the body has had a chance to eliminate all traces of the poisonous substance from the system. The second way to eliminate the pain of detoxification is to intoxicate the body all over again. This is the reason why the addict craves his poison; taking more makes the pain go away.

      With colon hydrotherapy people see their accumulated waste being washed away, they feel better, and they understandably, if mistakenly, conclude that the latter happens because of the former. This is understandable, but not necessarily correct. The fallacy here is that if A follows B, B must be the cause of A. To illustrate, I notice that every time I wash my car (not very often) it rains. Therefore, washing my car causes it to rain. Obviously not, though it follows the same logic.

      The large intestine is shaped like an upside-down ?U.? One leg of the ?U? is called the ascending colon because it rises from the ileo-cecal valve to where the large and small intestine meet. The middle part of the colon is called the transverse colon, and the descending colon, or the other leg of the upside down ?U,? ends at the rectum.

      The descending colon and rectum are the only parts of the digestive tract that are not designed to absorb anything.

      It?s not that they don?t, it?s just that absorption doesn?t seem to be necessary here. Virtually all of the valuable materials from the digested foods (vitamins, minerals, fatty and amino acids, phytonutrients, and excess water) will have been absorbed prior to reaching these last parts of the colon. Both the descending colon and the rectum are primarily waste pipes, and though they certainly absorb toxins if exposed long enough to them, the likelihood of absorption is much less here than in any other part of the colon.

      As soon as we add water to the colon, any accumulated waste is washed backwards through the large intestine. By increasing the volume of water, we greatly increase the surface area of the most absorptive parts of the colon in contact with any toxins.

      The result is that now we begin to reabsorb these toxins in a big way. As soon as the toxins are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, the pain of detoxification stops. We feel better and conclude that it?s because we?ve eliminated the waste.

      In order to get any toxic residues out of the body, the tissues where they reside must be broken down, thereby releasing them into the bloodstream. Though this process is likely to produce some discomfort, there is no other way to eliminate the toxins from the body.
      The more frequently heard arguments against colon hydrotherapy are that the bowel pH is altered, and that beneficial bacteria are flushed from the colon. With frequency of use, muscle tone is lost and a weakened peristalsis becomes insufficient to properly eliminate normal wastes. While these arguments are all valid, I believe that the most important factor here is simply that colon hydrotherapy is just one more way of providing symptomatic relief while actually impeding true health and healing.

      Whether one fasts or feeds the body lightly and intelligently, ultimately allowing the body?s wastes to move along at their own pace is the best way.

      Herbert Shelton and some of his early 20th century contemporaries conducted their own experiments with fasting clients and found that invariably, those that used colon hydrotherapy did not fare as well in the long run.

      My own experience at the Tanglewood Wellness Center is that given the opportunity, every colon will eliminate when it needs to, and that water fasting will further expedite this elimination.

      To avoid constipation and other lower GI tract problems, be sure to eat a diet rich in high-water content fresh fruits and soft leafy greens. You should also avoid dried and dehydrated foods, excessive quantities of nuts, seeds, animal products, and overeating.

      Loren Lockman is the founder and director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center, a fasting retreat located on 18 forested mountaintop acres in Maryland.
      For more information, go to:
      or call 301-898-8901


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        is the doctor at paragon a lady doctor? feel more comfortable if the doctor is a girl.


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          i have ibs too! actually, for ibs, eating too much high fibre food is bad, because your stomach can't digest it so it becomes 'irritable'. honestly, for ibs, there is no fixed diet that works. you need to monitor your diet and your stomach's response, and slowly cut out food that your body has an adverse reaction to.


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            hi my friend told me that the doctor from paragon is male doctor,,theres another one @ camden medical centre its a lady doctor,maybe you might give a try.


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              I have ibs too!!! and the acne problem......Can I know more details about the one in camden medical centre? I prefer woman dr too


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                hi i have done cleansing,the [email protected] is a lady and she's really very nice dr.elaborate well the details for you and i can say that they have a very good service.I have check from their web i think they are having promo for new client doing colon cleanse you can check with them...


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                  hi have you don colon cleanse?


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                    I would like to try the coffee enema today......


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                      really what's coffee enema?is it to drink?could anyone give more info


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                        Originally posted by jemyna View Post
                        really what's coffee enema?is it to drink?could anyone give more info
                        Hehe, of course not to drink. I check some instruction of coffee enema for you via the internet.

                        It is the introduction of therapeutic organic coffee into the rectum and retaining it for five to fifteen minutes. During which time the coffee will be absorbed through the bowel wall into the blood vessels, making its way directly to the liver.

                        In the liver, the chemicals in the coffee, the caffeine and palmitates, work synergistically to detoxify the liver.

                        As the blood serum is detoxified as it flows through the caffeinated liver every 3 minutes, the enema can be view as a form of blood dialysis (filtering) across the colon wall.

                        Drinking coffee has no such therapeutic benefits and is in fact counter-productive.

                        Sounds amazing? right


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                          Coffee Enema

                          Yes. I do this about once a week/bi-weekly.

                          Good for colon cleansing. Dr Hiromi Shinya does it everyday. Crazy fella.

                          Those who need tips and message me. I can teach you for free. No need to waste money.

                          Hope this helps.

                          Further readings.
                          Gas-forming caused by inadequately digested food

                          Examining with a colonoscopy, cancer or polyp is usually found in the fold of large intestine where feces is likely to pile up. The diverticulum or the area where bowel spasm is chronically strong is the places for feces to halt because the feces flow is not smooth.
                          As you become older, the number of good bacteria in your bowel decreases and on the other hand the number of bad bacteria increases. I find that young people including children who suffer from chronic ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, atopia and any allergosis such as phthisis have very poor bowel condition (intestinal phase) and having more bad bacteria and less acidophilus (good bacteria).

                          Bad bacteria for bowel including Welsh bacteria, clostridium, staphylococcal, pseudomonas seruginosa, bacillus coli, are putrefactive bacteria, which rot undigested food and in the process produce a lot of harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide, indole, carbolic acid, skatole, ammonia, methane and amine arisen. These bowel bacteria and cell of colon mucosa generate radical oxygen (free radical) and lipid peroxide. Gas and toxin not only make bowel condition worse, but also enter the blood through mucosa of large intestine to give whole body bad influence. Dirty blood causes hematogenous disorder and congestion of lymph. Hematogenous disorder reduces normal body function from skin to cardiovascular and rate of metabolism lowers. Weakened organ can be attacked by every phlogistica and disease such as cancer.
                          Crud in bowel leads to all kinds of disease

                          Normally healthy person has 50-200 cc of gas in the large intestine and excrete certain amount of gas depending on the type of meal, frequency of excretion of feces, hygienics of intestine (usage of Coffee Enema). The amount of gas is the barometer of your intestinal phase level and health condition (please refer to endoscopic photography at the end of the book).
                          The number of well-known doctors pointed out that constipation and fecal impaction, that is retention of contents and the crud in the large intestine, are possible cause of various diseases. Recently not only doctors specialized in stomach and dietetics but also other healthcare practitioner argue the importance of basic hygienic in large intestine, and “clean intestine and cleaning and activation of intestine are important for human health” becomes main issue.
                          Patients suffering from piles, colon polyp, intestinal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, cardiovascular function disorder, liver and cholecyst diseases, chronic ulcerative colitis, Chrohn’s disease, enlarged prostate, arthritis, rheumatism, atopic dermatitis, allergosis, fibroid, mastopathy, collagen disease, elevated blood pressure, brain infraction, diabetes, etc are likely to have abnormal intestinal function and its dysfunction.
                          Regardless of quality of food, cancer-causing substances generate in your large intestine. The longer cancer-causing substances stay there, the more likely you suffer from colon polyp and intestinal cancer.

                          Less serious cases like symptom of asitia, nausea, headache, vertigo, chalk mark, hives, adiposities, comedo and boredom are somehow related to the retention of colon contents. Harmful substances absorbed through bowel wall into blood cause such ill health.
                          I can say that my patients who suffered from those symptoms have very poor intestinal phase.
                          Clean colon
                          Dirty colon

                          There are no waste substances that generate poisonous fumes, and good bowel easily produces good bacteria.
                          Crud in the fold of intestine and bowel wall go off and generate toxins that are absorbed into the body to pollute the blood.
                          Laxative damages the natural function of bowel

                          To keep yourself young and healthy, it is important to get rid of food scum coming into large intestine after absorption of nutrition in small intestine as soon as possible. However in reality many people of all ages suffer from chronic constipation. Constipation and fecal impaction slow intestinal function down and various toxins and active oxygen produced as the result are said to be the most serious causes of adult diseases including hardened arteries, cancer and aging.
                          Many people easily tend to rely on laxative to solve constipation and fecal impaction. However I must warn you as a doctor that laxative has side effect such as toxicity to bowel movement and mucosa of bowel. Even if the herbal medicines such as aloe, senna or rhuberbe contain chemical substance “anthracin” that changes the color of mucosa of bowel. Herbal medicine causes deposition of pigment called “melanosis” which leads to intestinal cancer or polyp. The more you take laxative, the less your bowel movement you will have.
                          Prevention is the best medicine and dietary education will be important issue from now on.

                          For 24 hours, your liver works hard to counteract poison. You should keep your large intestine clean to help liver to work smoothly. It is important for you to prevent illness rather than seek help after falling ill. In America the government organization did a huge research and study on diet and disease because of its premature aging society with fewer children. In 1975, MacGarban Report was published and it reported the serious relationship between diet and disease and made a point that improvement of diet would be beneficial for prevention and treatment of disease.
                          On the other hand, in Japan, the relationship between disease and diet is ignored even now. Many doctors are interested in early detection of disease and treatment method, and patients are not informed about preventive medicine or change of lifestyle and diet.
                          In Japan insurance revenue is very high and if there is no examination or no prescription for drug, there’s no profit to hospital or clinic. As you pay your attorney or accountant consultation fee, it should be the same with doctors for consultation regarding your health. So the problem of over-prescription or chemical antagonism will be solved.
                          It is time for Japan to think seriously about the problem of healthcare cost and insurance method just as America did 30 years ago. If not, medical costs would escalate every year and would lead to fateful crisis. In Japan it was recognized that main cause of chronic diseases were poor lifestyle and diet 25 year later than America.
                          We will have to take care of our own health more if state support for healthcare is to be cut.
                          Take supplement and acidophilus after cleaning colon

                          The diverticulum is formed at the right of large intestine, if you eat a lot of refined grain (polished rice, white bread or pasta) and the diverticulum is formed at the left side of large intestine, (especially in sigmoid or descending colon) if you eat a lot of meat. Red meat, chicken, and dairy products leave predisposition of cancer or heart disease.
                          Human beings have natural digestive function suitable for vegetable so cannot fully digest animal protein. If you have young and flexible colon and good intestinal phase, the bowel condition will be better. Good bacteria such as acidophilus will increase. Large amount of good bacteria builds up natural healing power and immune system, and create good circulation that will prevent adult disease.
                          You should eat nutritious food to maintain good intestinal phase to regulate the bowel function and to maintain ideal amount of good bacteria even when you are old. First thing you have to do is to make sure your bowel is clean to benefit from eating nutritious food.
                          It is Coffee Enema makes that intestinal phase better

                          Coffee Enema is one of the methods to clean colon by improving constipation and fecal impaction. You can use Coffee Enema twice a day without disturbing the function of small intestine because it only cleans left side of large intestine.
                          If you are worried that Coffee Enema might be addictive, I can assure you by my data that you will still maintain normal bowel movement. People who use Coffee Enema have good intestinal phase, good bowel movement with few constipation and fecal impaction. Most of my friends are using Coffee Enema once or twice a day although they are not suffering from constipation. They would like to keep clean colon with clean fold of bowel. Especially crud and food scum tend to pile up at the left of large intestine.

                          Coffee Enema is one of Gerson therapies developed by Dr. Max Gerson about 70 years ago. The liver is the biggest organ that generates toxin in the body. It is ideal for the improvement of liver function if you can remove toxin and body wastes generated in the colon by using Coffee Enema as soon as possible.
                          Whatever you do has only temporary effect unless the large intestine is clean. So I developed coffee for enema (cafe Colon -- editor) by adding to organic coffee the ingredients for to create good bowel condition based on this theory.
                          Another profound effect of Coffee Enema is that toxin and body waste in the blood can be removed more efficiently. After nutrition of food you eat is digested and absorbed in small intestine, food scum and undigested material stay in the fold of colon and bowel wall. If it stays more than a day, decomposition and fermentation will progress and generate toxin. It is important to get rid of remnants of food as feces using Coffee Enema before decomposition and fermentation.
                          Gerson therapy

                          Dr. Gerson developed it to treat his own migraine. It is one of the alternative therapies in which you are advised to eat fresh and natural food and to use Coffee Enema at the same time to have normal bowel function in order to recover liver’s detoxifying function.
                          A large number of patients have been benefited from the therapy and a lot of specialists who are interested in it have proved its effectiveness.
                          This Gerson therapy requires you to change your life style and your willingness to put it into practice.
                          At first clean your colon (you do not gain if you throw everything in dirty river)
                          1. Eliminate unnecessary garbage from the body as soon as possible to prevent toxin from generating.
                          2. Colon polyp and colon cancer are usually found in archo, rectosigmoid colon and descending colon.
                          3. If your colon is clean, good bacteria will increase and you have good bowel condition.
                          4. Even if you have a normal bowel movement, some food scum and crud might remain in the fold of colon or bowel wall.
                          5. You can get rid of feces and body waste at the same time by Coffee Enama.
                          6. Food scum in large intestine after nutrition is absorbed into small intestine generates toxin at the temperature of 36.5℃ and absorbed by the body.
                          7. Heavy metal, agrochemical or food additive tend to pile up in the colon.
                          8. The crud of colon not only pollutes blood but also slows body function down.
                          12) Latest frontiers of Coffee Enema
                          After 300,000 cases of clinical study I developed “CafeCOLON” that consists of adequate thickness of organic coffee and ingredients for improving bowel condition based on this theory.
                          I use coffee with adequate density, Gulf of Suruga deep water, ribirth sea salt, acidophilus generated extract, EM-X, oligo acid, etc., which are good for creating good bowel condition. In theory it is the coffee made for the purpose to increase and activate good acidophilus. It also contains various minerals to maintain mineral balance in the body after sudden bowel movement.
                          *Bay of Suruga deep water. The deepest area of Bay of Suruga has the depth of 2,500m, which is the deepest sea in Japan. Deep water with the depth of 687m is said to be formed more than 1,000 years ago and has rich mineral.
                          *Ribirth sea salt. Reduced sea salt fermented and matured using the seawater collected under a full moon, which is rich with good bacteria including balm for a long time.
                          *Acidophilus generated extract. Effective substances extracted from fermented substance that is reproduced and matured from 16 different acidophilus including soya bean.
                          *EM-X. 100 % natural antioxidant drink which extracted from materials such as brown rice, papaya, sea weed and fermented with good bacteria of acidophilus and balm.

                          Dr. Hiromi Shinya


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                            Colon Cleansing Pills - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.