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Linkin Park CONCERT in Singapore!

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  • Linkin Park CONCERT in Singapore!

    22 June at Singapore Recreation Club, $150 Inner Circle $85 Open Field, estimated 2hrs duration.

    Anyone has experience attending a rock concert at that venue? Can't see the seating plan online... suspect it's all standing.

    $85 I'd be too short to see ANYTHING.

    $150 my hubby cautions may be dangerous if someone tries to bodysurf on top of me, and anyway I'd be pushed all the way to the back of the $150 area!

    I'm going to be about 6mths pregnant but I've been fairly active/ healthy/ mobile/ no fainting spells/ no puking so far.
    My "bump" is rather small so far, by then it still shouldn't be that big an obstruction.
    Plus hubby will bodyguard me against shoving.
    For safety I'd even borrow the most maternity-looking maternity dress so people can see I'm pregnant.
    I should be fine standing 2hrs!

    I REALLY want and think it's safe to go if I'm very careful! Anyone experienced that VENUE? Ticket sales start 10am... URGENT!

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    wow... you sure you want to go? i'm interested, looking for kakis (friends) to go with


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      I found a galfriend and my hubby to go, so I'd be "flanked" both sides! I can't book online yet been refreshing and refreshing that page so probably on-the-dot I'd phone in and have the $150 ticket instead.

      It's LINKIN PARK!!! And anyway they are at their peak, don't want to catch them when they're like middle-aged and doing asian tours, you know?


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        I got through- basically ALL free-standing, no seats, just 2 zones $150 or $85.

        I gave all details and was told to hold for credit card approval... then line went dead!

        Calling again...


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          Was put on hold and then they called on my mobile to confirm I have the tickets! *hyperventilates*


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            i bought the $150 tickets!!! was so crazy over linkin park i actually went to hard rock cafe on the 19th because they were having some priority-sales thing.

            (OOT : the sistic people arent very.. friendly and knowledgeable? i called the hotline about a week before the the sales of tickets were opened to enquire about when it would go on sale. i was told mixed dates and everything. when i wanted to order tickets, there was a mixup - booking online would be much simpler i think.)

            * i went for the sum 41 concert last year at fort canning. it can get quite squishy with people bumping into you if you're in front. please be very careful yar!


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              i got the $85 ticket,s plan to go there early so can go as front as possible


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                Originally posted by spiralled
                * i went for the sum 41 concert last year at fort canning. it can get quite squishy with people bumping into you if you're in front. please be very careful yar!
                I'd be staying at the back of the $150 group, preferably near the exits of the barricades. Not jostling with the people who will rush to the front so I think enough breathing space.
                What I am concerned about is if people at the $85 LEAP OVER their barricades and charge towards me. (Stampede!!!)

                So I'm thinking I'd just corner a security personnel while we're ticketed and demand that I be allowed to stand near them or something. (there should be a passage gap between the $150 and $85 for security patrol). After all, I'm paying the most expensive ticket and I AM PREGNANT so hell they better ensure I don't get stampeded or prepare to get their asses sued!

                Security and safety is what they MUST provide anyway. Plus, this IS supposed to be safe Singapore and not the Woodstock or something.


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                  i went all the way to the back of the crazy crowd last year during the sum 41 concert because i was so tired and irritated at being clawed and dragged at by people - however, i doubt that there would be any empty space for the $150 section at the back(although i hope so! clinging at the front for 2 hours is exhausting; but it's linkin park!)

                  it's really nice when you're seperated from the crowd though. it's almost surreal looking at the massive crowd and band playing yet there's no one around you and the band can still be seen and heard.

                  however, i'm willing to get squished to death for linkin park. hahaha, i sound like some manic fan.


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                    so how did you girls feel about the concert?

                    was a bit miffed that they played for so short a time, i want more!!! the crowd was not very good where i was standing, they kept pushing and pushing

                    what did you girls think about the korean band? i thought they were quite bad....

                    oh yeah, kind of disappointed that mike shinoda didnt throw out the drumsticks like what he did for their texas concert... and mr hahn looked kind of weird last night


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                      i thought the korean band was never going to stop playing. :roll:

                      i was right in front 'cause me and a group of friends had been taking turns queueing up since the morning. when linkin park came on, everyone pushed. somewhere near us, these two girls got into a fight over something and shouted, screamed and pulled each other's hair.

                      i thought the concert was awesome!!! despite it being short and all the squishy sweaty bodies around me ( ). rob came down after the encore and handed out this whole bunch of drumsticks! and i got one!!!


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                        argh!!!!! i want one!!! did you get it signed?


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                          no, i didnt but that was because i was not.. smart enough to have brought a marker of some sort. haha, but a drumstick is enough for me! it had all these lines and everything so it was played on. i got a guitar pick too. and my friend got mike shinoda's water bottle.

                          which part of the concert were you at?


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                            AHHHHHH i want mike shinoda's water bottle!!!!! can your friend sell it to me??

                            i bought the $85 tix so was not near enough, also had a friend who felt faint so we were at the first aid tent during the last bit of the concert


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                              sighie...the concert must have been awesome manz.Couldnt go as I had sth on for school.But at abt 10 plus,i was at raffles and could hear the crowd yell and linkin park playing numb...wished I was there!