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Linkin Park CONCERT in Singapore!

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    *bounce bounce bounce and beams from ear to ear!*
    I was there! Right... at the BACK of the $150 section haha, and sitting down most of the wait (for concert to start, and for Korean opening act to finish, and occasionally when they played from their newer album).

    Proved hubby wrong- he was SO anxious the whole evening thinking I was going to get stampeded, but Singapore is like so boringly safe, there was such alot of space at the so-called mosh-pit it wasn't moshy at all haha! And so many plainsclothes policemen as well as uniformed policemen walking around. Not to mention the safety barriers behind our $150 section where there were security...

    The only remotely dangerous parts were the things being thrown about by the crowd at the front of the mosh-pit, the cigarette-smoking, the nauseating toilets (or so my hubby told me, therefore I had to control whole evening... difficult for an always-needing-to-pee preggie) and perhaps the not-too-healthy decibels (but at least my ears weren't even feeling "deaf" or ringing post-concert).

    One of hubby's friends was there specially to watch the Korean opening act (and not Linkin Park, I was like, "huh???") and he wanted to leave after the opening act to catch soccer (double "huh???" when he paid $150!). There were 2 korean groupies waving the korean band banners but they looked kind of lonely.

    Linkin Park played alot of songs from Hybrid Theory so I was ecstatic... but yeah was worried about any crowd-leaving-stampede so was a lamer and left just before they played Crawling (we heard it as we walked out though so it wasn't too regrettable).


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      Glad u enjoyed your concert, I was kinda wondering how it went keke. Looks like you made a good decision to go ahead with cathing it!


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        the thing tt i felt after just 1 hour plus of them performing = dead tired. it's incredible, such a short concert and it had most people on the same train back as me frantically looking for seats and those who couldnt (me included), slumping onto the floor.

        my area was a bit rowdy, with a couple of groups of caucasians hooting away, not tt i mind ***'s a linkin park concert without beforehand rowdiness? IMO, it could do with more noise.....

        during the concert, *** i can see and feel is people ard me jumping, screaming, waving, shouting all together and a lot of sweat. according to TNP's reporting at the mosh pit, it seems more boring than i actually felt. maybe the reporters ought to have taken a look more at the back?


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          I didn't read TNP, but I completely disagreed with ST's report (the sensational report by this supposed "seasoned" concert goer who claimed all kids should not be allowed). Hubby and I were like :huh: , had she EVER been to an open-air rock concert? Was she really there? The one in SG is perfectly safe cos the moshpit was so freaking big the families were having a sit-down PICNIC at the back of the moshpit. Was she BLIND? Did she not see the scores of security personnel (concert organisers), uniformed policemen, plainclothes detectives (yes they stuck out like a sore thumb in a rock concert ahaha).

          I'm glad and contented I went. :preggie: and all!