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  • ROM bouquet

    Hi. I'm wondering if its a must or a norm for people to have hand bouquet during ROM? hmn if its in the early morning, does one collect it in the previous night? thanks
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    I think people usually have bouquets for ROM, but really dear, it's your wedding, so bouquet or no bouquet, it's entirely up to you.

    And yes, for an early morning ceremony, usually you'd collect the bouquet the night before and store it in your fridge or an aircon room.


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      Of course its not a 'must'. Don't worry, if you don't have flowers, the officers at ROM will not turn you away
      There's a small shop next to ROM that sells flowers and provides photography services. For convenience, try getting it there. Or you could drop by florist to collect bouquet before going to ROM. My hubby bought me a bunch of tulips from the small shop next to ROM when we got married.


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        It is definitely not a must to have hand bouquet, I know cos I didn't! But it was a personal choice. I opted for a hand corsage cos I know I will be moving around a lot that day since I had high tea for my friends and relatives. Instead of leaving my bouquet on the table and walking around, I had flowers tied to my wrist and best of all, hands-free!


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          Agreed with all the rest.

          Its your wedding..its your have the say.
          Dont worry about the others it doesnt matter if you have flowers or not as long as you know you are marrying the right man that will give you happiness



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            We got married in church and our solemnization took place in church. So, I never had to go through ROM wedding procedure and interestingly, I have never been a guest at a ROM wedding. But, I can tell you, flowers or not? Its a personal preferrence.

            I think flowers will make a bride look sweet, pretty etc but if its not your style you can also give it a pass. Depending on the couple, I think some grooms will see getting a bouquet for his bride as a gift to her on this special day.


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              oh there's a small shop near ROM center......oh... do they charge v high price since they r so near ROM and the only one there?

              how's does this hand corsage looks like? I'm a flower person so I dont know much abt all these things.

              I think the main reason on why I am not into taking a flower bouquet is because i rather save the $ to buy makeup!!!

              and also, i'm having exam few days later so i will be v stress abt exam instead of ROM. dont wan to go thru hassle of buying/selecting the flowers. Then again, as *** u all mentioned, its nice to ve flowers...... hmn maybe i will get a hand corsage if i know more abt it. Can it be done at any florist shop? Thanks!


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                The shop at ROM itself is known as Say Yes. Link for Say Yes

                As for wrist corsage, yes. Most florist will be able to custom make for you


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                  I think their bouquet prices are quite alright, my hubby bought me half a dozen tulips and was charged less than $50. Why not do a yahoo search on wrist corsages to get an idea on how they look? And yeah, most florists know what wrist corsages are.


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                    I'm doing a last min job now! I find that this shop sells the flowers at a reasonable price. cheaper than xpress flowers. As for the ROM shop, thanks, i will be giving them a call to check if its possible to collect it on that day. At least dont have to worry abt the conditions of the flowers.



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                      Hi VinLongo

                      did u get your flowers from jurliss?

                      How do you find their flowers? satisfactory?


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                        I didnt. I called and the guy offered to email me the pic because he said there's customer who mentioned the wrapping of the flowers are a great difference from what's shown on the site. As its a last min wk, I decided to go for Say Yes. However, it turned out to be horrible too because I was given soon-to-be wither flowers and over blossom ones


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                          hi all

                          just to update, i ordered my flowers from Jurliss flowers online.

                          first of all, Jurliss called me to confirm my order. So there was some reassurance on the order.

                          2. then the day before my ROM, a guy from jurliss called me.. told they had a fresh stock of flowers arriving. However they are not as blossom as those flowers shown on the website but they are very fragrant. He offered to add up to 26 roses instead of the formerly 18 so that the bundle would not too small without extra charge. I was very concern that the flowers are too buddy and would not look nice. The guy offered to email me a picture of the flowers after they have bundled it.

                          3. From the pic, seems 1/2 of the bundle was buddy.. i was very worried. The guy took the initative to call me to check out if I've seen the picture. Again I expressed my concern about the buddiness. He say the flowers looks much better and more blossomed than what was shown on pic. Then he said he will monitor it since there are about 14 hrs more to go before he sent the flower over. He even gave me his hp number in case I've questions about the flowers...

                          4. at noon on my ROM day, the flowers arrive. I guess it was my fault as well, I didnt notice on the pic that the flowers were champagne and not the white roses that I've ordered 9but the colour was still alright). Anyhow, the main thing is 1/2 bunch was still buddy and my now husband rejected the flowers.

                          Jurliss Flowers was professional enough to do up another bunch of flowers for us, the intended white roses that we wanted..and send it to us. Although the flowers are still small, but at least they blossomed much more than the 1st bunch they had sent us earlier. And this was done without additional charge.

                          Overall, although the whole experience was a very anxious one but I'm glad that Jurliss Flowers is professional enough in handling the situation. At least I didnt have to scream my head off.


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                            oh, they do sound professional. like the guy make the initiative to let me know abt the other customer's view. As for Say Yes, I wont recommend if its a last min job as they really pack soon-to-be (few hrs i suppose) withered flowers and OVER blossom one for me. so i wont recommend them.

                            Will you recommend Jurliss again? Did u pick the flowers up or they deliver personally? Anyway, they are really professional and very sincere in doing the business.
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                              hi VinLongo

                              they delivered the flowers to me.. they even got from me the address of the place i was going to have my rom in case they couldnt deliver the 2nd bouquet to my home in time..anyhow they make it in time... in the end i get to keep 2 no extra charge. All the time, the guy from jurliss kept calling me up to check if Ive received the pictures and then the 1st bunch and then the 2nd bunch of flowers and asked it was alright. Luckily the 2nd bunch was OK.

                              I think i might still go back to them again..becos the guy was really sincere and the delivery person was all smiles.. didnt show face to me.. and the guy on the phone was also very professional... never raise his voice but kept to his cool and speak professionally and handle the whole thing very professionally.

                              i suppose and would suggest that if any1 intend to order from them to be specific on your requirements, so as to minimise the unnecesary displeasure, anxiousness ..