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  • Spirulina

    Saw this Spirulina drink at GNC and heard it's good for health. Does anyone take this, is it safe and effective?

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    I take spirulina tablets, not the drink. Don't think I'd like the "grassy"taste to it

    Spirulina is supposed to boost your immune system, and it works for me. I have been taking it since February 2003 and I have not suffered from the common cold or flu since.

    Before that I used to see the doctor once a month for cold/cough.


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      Know a friend whose whole family is taking this, even the kids!

      I've never tried before but according to my friend, this is really gd for health. But if I'm not wrong, got to take lots of tabs a day! That's why never tried 'coz I hate to swallow 'pills'.


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        i took the tablets since i was 10 yrs old... been taking it for 16 years.. my whole family took it... ever since taking it.. everyone in my family seldom fall sick except for the occasionally sore throat from too much durian


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          Can vouch for its goodness...since started taking it a few months back, immune system is much better than before (i used to get flu at least once a month)

          Been taking an organic powder form....mix it with orange juice & drink in the morning. It may look weird (green mixture) but its really good.


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            My friend used to take Spirulina. She said it's good for the immune system and it detox the body. One example she gave me was she remove her bowels easily daily when she was eating them while previously she always suffer from constipation and cleared bowels only 2 - 3 times per week.


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              Originally posted by artichoke
              My friend used to take Spirulina. She said it's good for the immune system and it detox the body. One example she gave me was she remove her bowels easily daily when she was eating them while previously she always suffer from constipation and cleared bowels only 2 - 3 times per week
              Yep, my friend experienced the same thing too. But i dun like taking so many pills do *** try @ all.


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                Ya, I heard gotta take 10 pills 2 or 3 times per day.


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                  Oh my, I wouldnt want to pop so many pills a day. I had tried Spirulina in drinks and I dont really like the taste. I am a yogurt lover and I take yogurt almost everyday.


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                    The brand that I take only requires me to pop max 3 pills a day. I'm lazy so I just pop 2 every morning Spirulina contains a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, almost everything that you need. The only thing it doesn't contain is Vit C. It's especially good for people who suffer from anaemia cos of the iron content (higher than lean beef). It has helped improve my 2 major ailments: anaemia and sinus
                    It also makes me more alert during the day. Eg on those days when I need an energy boost in the afternoon, popping 1 pill after lunch does the trick. HTHs


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                      Originally posted by artichoke
                      Ya, I heard gotta take 10 pills 2 or 3 times per day.
                      Don't be misled by number of tablets. Some tabs are made smaller than others... they come in the form of 200mg, 300mg, 500mg and 1000mg.

                      Daily maintenance recommened is min. 3g (3000mg). Depending on size of tab, you take accordingly.

                      Our whole family vouch for spirulina ever since it helped my eldest dd with her congenital problems... even spared her from undergoing an operation to remove her right under-developed kidney after a year's consumption. Surgeon didn't want to reconfirm but that's the only change in her diet a year before the operation.

                      In order to save costs for long term consumption, we have imported spirulina from manufacturer in bulk and sell the excess away due to expiry date.


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                        Benefits to share on SPIRULINA!

                        Due to the presents lifestyle, its good that many are taking health supplements daily to maintain good health.

                        Ever since the first vitamins were discovered early in the last century, nutritionists and dieticians have told their patients and the public at large that it is not necessary to take supplements if you have a balanced diet. Unfortunately due to our hectic lifestyle, many do not eat in a balanced way, and no matter how careful we are with our diet, we can never be sure if we are consuming the entire spectrum of essential nutrients our cells require for optimum health, AND that makes us require additional vitamins and minerals.

                        As stated in many health magazines too that the widespread health and age-related problems prevalent today are preventable with the right nutrition. Without optimum intake of these nutrients, the functions of the cells can be impaired, and in the long run, this may contribute to age-related conditions and degenerative diseases.

                        It is also advised to avoid taking supplements that contain just one or two specific vitamins or minerals unless your doctor or state-registered dietitian has advised you to. This is because vitamins and minerals work in harmony and an excessive amount of just one can impair the absorption or effectiveness of others. Correct balance is important.

                        In addition, you should be aware of your total nutrient intake if you are taking more than one supplement product a day. But tracking nutrient intake can become difficult when taking a number of single supplements. There may also be a risk of overdosing. Supplements sometimes contain over ten times the level of vitamins that we need.
                        So my problem on taking a number of single supplements have been solved ever since I swtiches to SPIRULINA. Beside spirulina has a combination of over 70 ingredients that can provide all-round nutritional support for the healthy functioning of the body and most important have all the 5 major nutrients including essential and non essential Amino Acid that are important in human health. It also offer a balance of nutrients which maximizes the effectiveness of each ingredient.

                        Spirulina is also easily digest because it has very soft cell walls so it makes it easy to digest and nutrients can absorbed almost fully. So that makes it great for people of all ages including children.

                        After taking this, my health has improved in general, it also enhance natural cleansing & detoxification, my looks has become more radiant, and it strengthened my immune system which I have fewer colds & flu or if I get a cold, it escape more chronic symptoms & recover faster.
                        It do helps too as I have Thalassemia, as its an inherited condition because Spirulina supplies bio-chelated iron that is very easily absorbed and utilised.

                        Now everyone in the family are taking it as food supplement which includes my son to improve health in general and strengthen immune system.


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                          What is the brand of spirulina that u r taking???


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                            The brand I was taking was purchased from Japan direct and not available here locally.
                            There are many brands available in Guardian, Watson, GNC and even from direct sales company but they are rather expensive to maintain.

                            Since my cousin is in Japan, I usually ask him to send to me and I get the postage shared among my friends.


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                              The one I am taking is from a friend who order direct from USA breeder (cheaper cos no need to pay those brands commmissions). Have been taking SP for quite some while and it helps...