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  • Sending Food to Australia!

    Hi everybody!!

    I'd love to send some food, prefably local food, over to Australia to my friend who's feeling really homesick. Does anybody know if that's possible? And have any recommendations for any places that would do that? I remember reading bout a company that sends durians internationally *grin* and i'm looking for something along that line

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    Hmm... apart from fruits (which can last for at least a whole day w/o going bad), I can't think of other local food that can be sent over. How about buying pre-preapred sauces vaccum sealed in packages and sending these over so that your friend can just heat and add to rice/noodles instead?


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      australia is really strict on food import, best to check with the australian post customs first


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        There's no need to send food over, in fact, you should be able to get most of the Asian cooking foodstuffs in their china town, prices are not really that expensive


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          You can try buying those packed food from Prima Taste. My friend managed to ship some over. The last time she also brought some to Australia for her SO.


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            Aussie is really strict about bring food and like bubblez suggested .. it is best to email or check with the customs first.
            My friend tried sending some food over to me as a surprise and it took ages.. though he did check(email) with the oz customs.

            When i finally received the parcel..(ripped open and etc) the customs included a booklet of the rules and regulations regarding sending food products into oz in the parcel. Sorry i can't seem to find the booklet though , but if i rem clearly something along the lines of egg/fruit products and some other stuff are not allowed.. but however it is acceptable in special circumstances if it is tighly-vaccum sealed / prepackaged something like that.. and i "do" think fresh fruit is a nono...Anyway, do check if not your parcel may never get to your friend and effort may be wasted.

            ETA: i just found this custom link, hope it's useful to you..

            and What can't be mailed to Australia?
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              my ma tried sending me food stuff before, unfortunately it has to be quarantined till i pay some moo *** for it to be released....
              i didnt so i guess the food was destroyed or either taken home by the custom officers

              pixie, what does she wants?
              i am sure i can locate some stuff for her


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                wow thanks for all the suggestions, you guys!!

                I don't know exactly what she wants, I was kinda planning to surprise her. But I guess she can get most of the stuff that we get here right? Is there anything I can send that isn't available over there?

                the prima sauces sound good!! are they yummy and easy to prepare? the chilli crab sauce and chicken rice seasoning look sooo good!!


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                  Actually I think it really depends on your luck too sometimes. Two of my housemates just received 40kg of food recently. One of them was pretty lucky because many items that weren't allowed to send over were not confiscated. Example, pineapple tarts, homemade cookies and Kaya. I heard that meat of any kind is a no no. BUT my housemate got her lucheon meat, AYAM sardine in her package.

                  While the other housemate wasn't so lucky. Her coffee (3-in-1), kaya and lots more were confiscated. I was waiting for her coffee to arrive too cos its from Malacca. And she was telling me that I could try. They send her a form and she had to pay AU$42 to have the confiscated items send back home.

                  Pixie, so nice of you! I think your friend will be overjoy when she receive your package. What's in the box doesn't really matter. I love receiving stuff from my mailbox even if it was a card.


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                    no fresh veg or fruit AT ALL
                    no meat products
                    no milk products

                    packaged items are usually ok.
                    spices - usu ok

                    so yeah, the prima vacuum pack sauces are a good idea.
                    3-in-1 coffee *might* get through, depending on who's doing the checking.

                    but yeah, like esabelle said, it depends on your luck too. i had pineapple tarts sent to me once by a friend and it got to me (albeit slightly smashed cos it got rolled around).


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                      Customs cut the mooncake we sent even though we declared it egg yolkless. They cut it to check if really is egg yolkless. Although I wonder what kind of thing would ever hatch from a long preserved egg yolk, heehee. Kind of funny sending a perfect round mooncake and having it end up cut by customs, before the recipient can cut it with friends under the full moon haha.

                      The piglet (zhu-long) biscuits got through fine though.


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                        seriously i dont see the need to send food to australia


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                          anybody send prima food prepackaged sauces to Australia before? my cousin seriously lemming for them...but i remember i send him those japanese dog titbits (for his cute dogs) and 2 car models as xmas present last december but it NEVER reach them.

                          now i am quite skeptical about sending him things....


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                            i think u can find prima stuff there

                            do note that your parcel might be quarantined if it contains food stuff


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                              nat, you sure prima can be found there because my cousin asking for these prepackage stuffs (he is in melbourne)