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Gifts for Baby ~ Mama?

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  • Gifts for Baby ~ Mama?

    Hi got 4 wonderful women in my life delivering this year!!!

    Would love to know from you experienced mommies WHAT you would have loved to receive. Most people give baby clothes sets so I don't want to give them yet another one :roll:

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    Vouchers would be my first-choice gift (er.. next to red packet of course ), and mothers or mums-to-be can always use vouchers from Robinsons, John Little or Mothercare. Its definitely practical cause your friend knows best what she needs, and alot of mothers would already have prepared what their newborns will need, plus they might already have in mind which model/type of that car sea/playpen/etc they want. HTHs.

    PS: Or if this is a very close friend and you really want to get her something instead of just a voucher, why not get her to pick out something she wants?


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      yeah i was thinking the most hassle free and practical gift would be a voucher.

      only one of my friends are here in singapore though, the rest are overseas.


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        Maybe its nice if you can send the mommy a little something and the baby too.

        Since your friends are mostly overseas, you can get an international florist to send them some flowers including a nice card with some loving words from you and a little rattle toy or teddy bear for the baby.

        At the end of the day, its really the thoughts that counts.

        Anyway, when my nephew was a new born, we gave him a little teddy bear, its somehow very sweet to know that this teddy bear has always been his favourite and he sleeps with it. It just warm my heart because I love him so much.


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          We got a silver spoon from Tiffany & Co for a couple's child because he already got everything!


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            Vouchers are top of the list. Other than specifying exactly what item/ what model.

            Personally, I will cry if anyone gives me loads and loads of chicken essence/ DOM/ anything I don't want to consume.


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              Those cute gold chain anklets for little babies~


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                Choice 1: Vouchers!!

                Choice 2: Disposable diapers! (but I guess this is not a "polite" gift ... but it sure is practical!)


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                  Me too, think vouchers is the best choice

                  Cos if you could thing of something to buy then other friend might be thinking about the something too and at the end the baby may end up with dozen of the same item


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                    Need gift registry recs! I'm looking for something that will ideally have everything haha so I can just name my choices there.

                    So far found,



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                      Hi Mums,

                      Would appreciate the benefit of your experience on this one.

                      When one of my colleagues gives birth, we'll always visit her in hospital and bring her a gift -- vouchers and/or fruit/flowers etc. Then when the baby reaches 1 month, the mum will usually distribute cakes to all those who chipped in for the gift.

                      This time round, we visited her in the hospital with the usual gift, but instead of just distributing cakes, the new mum is having us over to her place for dinner. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Would you bring:

                      A) a typical dinner party gift eg bottle of wine
                      B) a typical newborn gift eg baby clothes (How big/heavy is a 1 m.o. anyway? She was 3kg at birth.)
                      C) nothing?



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                        Pronuptia, I think you won't go wrong if you bring a small gift for the baby. Nothing extravagant since you've already given her a gift. As a new mom, small gifts such as the following was most appreciated by me:

                        1) Clothes - DON'T buy newborn clothes anymore, the mom is most prb swamped with lots. Buy something that's for 6 months and above.

                        2) Toy - a simple toy for 3 months or above will be useful and will last


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                          How about:
                          - clothing for 3-6 months
                          - a classic nightie set
                          (can find nice pieces at Lifebaby or Mothercare)
                          - baby toys - teethers or blocks
                          - toiletry set

                          Take a walk down Forum the Shopping Mall to get ideas. Lots of classy items for babies there


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                            Thanks, Mogmick and Makeupmag!

                            Clothes for an older baby sound quite idiot-proof. I think I can do that.

                            Lifebaby -- is that the one at Ngee Ann City? Will be going to NAC later.


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                              how abt subscription to parenting mags?

                              moms, any comments?