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    Wow..anyone hear the news who the judges will be just now on the news? Interesting combination!

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    I missed the news. Who are the judges? Do tell!


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      yea yea do tell!!


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        I missed the news myself but thank goodness for CNA's updated website!

        SINGAPORE : They are affectionately nicknamed Pinocchio, Bambi and Smurf but who are the Idol judges behind them?

        And who is the mystery fourth judge?

        The whole affair was so hush-hush that even the judges had no clue who else was in the running.

        Singer-songwriter Dick Lee was the judge code-named Pinocchio.

        With 20 years experience, he is one of the most recognisable faces on Singapore's music scene.

        Best known for his album Mad Chinaman, he shot to regional fame through his musicals Beauty World and Fried Rice Paradise.

        The only woman is Florence Lian.

        Code-named Bambi the former Perfect 10 deejay is now MediaCorp Radio's General Manager.

        The judge code-named Smurf is Hype Records director, Ken Lim.

        He has helped spot and develop local talents like Phyllis Quek, Jeanette Aw and Michelle Saram.

        And the mystery fourth judge - codenamed Tinkerbell - is rock star Douglas Oliveiro.

        He is well remembered as the flamboyant host for TV's Rolling Good Times.

        Chong Gim Hwee, Programme Director of Channel 5, said: "We are not looking to replicate so we did not deliberately go out to look for a Simon, Paula or Randy.

        "The judges are chosen because of their own personalities...the local flavour that they will inject, their own opinions. They are gonna tell it like it is, they are not going to shy away from giving their true opinions of the contestants, if they are bad they are bad, if they are good they are good."

        The four judges will help select the 30 finalists, who will go on to compete for viewers' votes to be Singapore's very first Idol.

        Auditions start on Saturday at Suntec Convention Centre. - CNA

        Urm... wasn't this leaked out about a week ago? :huh:


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          Yes i first read it here and it's dated 25 May!



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            Why no Glenn Ong???? What an anti-climax...


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              i wonder who's gonna be the most simon cowell-like


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                vix, i imagine it would be dick lee. the rest seem so mild. my dad is sure glad that gurmit's not in.


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                  I totally can't stand the new Singapore Idol adverts! Those with people singing and croaking and just making the whole ad look SO cheap. It's definitely an indication of what they expect of the Singapore contestants. Ugh.


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                    I agree with flowerfairy. Somehow i think i'm gonna cringe when i watch the show.


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                      Oh I already know that I WILL cringe!


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                        Is it going to be Singapore Idol or Singapore Idiot?? We'll soon find out :roll:


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                          Haha!! Singapore Idiot would probably be more entertaining.


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                            I think Gurmit Singh is the "Ryan Seacrest" of Singapore Idol......

                            And anyone knows why it's Singapore Idol, and not Singaporean Idol? you know..... "American Idol, Malaysian Idol...."


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                              read the explanation about it somewhere before but i can't recall where

                              contestants need not be singaporean to enter the competition, hence "singapore idol".