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  • HELP !!! Travel terms & cond

    Sorry i did not know where to post this and i need immediate advise!

    When my bf and i went down to the tour agency to book our package to malaysia, the person there checked our passports and stated everything was fine, before we paid full amount of our package. Then it was only today then my bf checked his passport again and realised that his visa has expired (he's not singaporean). I admit it was also part of our mistake that we too did not check carefully, but the person who is responsible to check our passports and book our package has been careless as well. And so my bf had to renew it before our trip which is only in 3 days time. We're worried that we may not have enough time to do so, that's why i decided to postpone the trip to a later date. However when i check out the agency's terms and condition from their webpage, it was stated that a minimum administrative fee of S$75.00 per person will be imposed for any amendment made to the booking, which is $150 additional for both of us. Is there anyway we can change to a later date without the additional charge of $150? since it is also part of their staff's fault for not checking our passport properly and ensured us everything is fine. Cant believe things start to go wrong even before our trip... Pls advise!

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    Hi Aries

    What about asking to speak to the manager and insist it's the staff fault in order to waive off the charge?


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      sometimes, these agencies put such terms and conditions up to prevent dispute or prevent customers from taking advantage by changing departure time again and again. but yours is a unique situation, so if you talk to them nicely i'm sure out of good customer service and goodwill they should be able to waive off this fee.


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        I've talked to them and they insisted that their responsibility is to check our passport validity and not the visa.(we showed our passport AND the visa to him that day) .I tried changing departure dates, saying i do not mind any additional charges anymore, but they insisited that no changes are to be made anymore, and there are totally no refund at all (They're not going to give you any amount back). Can't believe we trusted them so much that we paid our package in full amount immediately after we decided on it. I asked them for advise whether there's anyway they can help us, they suggesting getting another 2 people to replace us, but they will still have to charge us another $100 additional fee. So, if we find 2 people to replace us, we can't go for our trip, can't get our money back, and still must pay another $100....So much for their help.
        But fortunately,my bf called me just now that he has just went to renew his visa at the embassy and talked to them about the problem, so they are able to renew for him before our departure date.
        Now we can still go for out trip, but I've also learnt a lesson. NEVER to trust agency so much to pay full amount immediately, in case anything crops up, and don ever trust the agency will help you. Your problem is not theirs.


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          Ananada Travel

          I have also problems with my agency recently. Ananada travel. Supposed to book a short trip to phuket, but in the end, both the resorts I wanted are either on renovation or fully booked. So I said I will cancel the trip, the girl told me before it was okie in this case here, however the cheque will only be given to me after 2 or 3 weeks.

          But i waited and waited, 4 weeks have passed and no news from them. :piss: so i even went down personally to check out with the staff, they kept on assuring me, it was already in processed. Terrible isn't it...i only managed to get the $389 cheque only on the 6th week. The office girl called and said, they are having travel fair and too tied up to send down the cheque. What loads of crap!! :piss:

          They have lost me, their regular customer FOREVER!!