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A Scented Memory for your Wedding

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  • A Scented Memory for your Wedding

    Dear girls,

    Share your wedding perfume

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    I'm not even really sure if I have applied any scent on my wedding day but if I did, I know what it is, it must be 'Gucci Envy' I have a nice natural body scent which I love and hubby adores so I usually don't apply fragrances all that much.

    But, I sure can remember what hubby has on. It was 'Eternity by Calvin Klein'. To me this is him and always will be a special scent. He was good at using it to seduce me (haha). When I visited his home in the past, the aircon would be high and the whole room was 'Eternity'. It was hmmm...

    But, I also love his natural scent very much cos its reassuring and nice. So, I sniff his sleep shirt alot (hee.. out of topic).



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      Romance for me and the male version of Romance for him.

      Up till today, I still the scent of Romance on him, it brings back so much memories and it's so darn sexy!

      And I will always have a bottle of Romance in my fragrance stash, even though I seldom use it now.


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        Vera Wang maybe...


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          Hey, I saw a writeup on this Vera Wang Parfum today in the papers. It sure does give me a classy, dreamy and romantic feel (just by looking at the bottle and colour of parfum. Ha, good photography huh?). Anyway, I'm sure it should smell just as good as it seems.


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            I used Vera Wang My indulgence......I really like the scent, must remember to bring it back with me the next time I go home.


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              I'm using Vera Wang EDP today. Simply love it! Smells similar to Estee Lauder Dazzling Gold though.


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                Tried Vera Wang yesterday .It's such an INTENSE scent that I'm not taking it very well. I prefer my wedding scent to be clean and simple like how I like my wedding gown/dress to be.
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