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    Hands up! Who applied?

    I went to the showflat & was amazed at how condo-like the layout of the apartments were. This is a location like no other. The architecture is also something to behold. Really, I marveled at what HDB has done this time.

    My hubby & I are going to try our luck by applying online. All it takes is $10 anyway.

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    I told my colleague, who's looking for a flat in a central area, to go apply. I would've, if it had been ready a few years ago.

    It really marks a watershed in the history of govt housing.

    Good luck!


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      Passed by the place just now, the location is excellent!!!


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        Jemay ... sorry guys, this is OT!

        My friend wants to meet you/ He thinks you're cute after looking at you at friendster. He's a very eligible bachelor. Interested?


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          Hey stella... your off-topic is interesting...hahah... Jemay, go for it!!
          Good luck ladies!


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            The project only completes in 2010 which is a long time away. Too much uncertainty, me thinks. :roll:
            It's not cheap, considering it's public housing and how the property market performs 6 years down the road is anyone's guess.

            Otherwise, the location is great! I wouldn't mind staying there.


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              when we were looking around for our flat, I saw from HDB's site that they were launching The Pinnacle. However, I was moved but NOT that moved after enquring about the price

              The conversation I had with my colleague is that the show room's really beautiful but small. She's dying to get it as well.

              I agree on the location is good! I guess u are paying for the prime location as well.

              Saw the news that for every unit, four are applying for it, ya? Good luck, Stella My bf's classmate just got a flat in your area from HDB and she paid around 300K+++. Some more, it's low level...Maybe it's a good time to release your flat soon too

              OT: GO FOR IT, JEMAY!!


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                I missed the OT part! Oh well, if your friend look any part like my idol kim jae won, i will go for it PM me his friendster link to scan first


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                  Went to the show flat. Find it a tad too expensive for a HDB flat with no facility except that rooftop jogging track and location. For that price, I reckon I will go for an EC instead.


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                    Based on the price and the floor area of the flats, well if you are paying for the location and rooftop jogging track then perhaps Otherwise, you are paying a lot more for public housing which is quite small in build-in area. The bigger flats are actually still slightly smaller than a new 5 room HDB flat (110sqm)


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                      it looks really nice, but too bad not married and dont plan to do so yet

                      OT: jemay do let us know if you actually go for the date


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                        arent the flats smaller than before?

                        am contemplating on buying one but well not sure whether it will be worth it


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                          I think if you value location, then it's a great buy (compared to resale market anyway).
                          Otherwise, an EC or even a resale condo may be more appealing, given full condo facilities.

                          Hubby's preference is on the location, whereas I'm more concerned about having condo facilities at around that price (kids can swim anytime, learn tennis, don't have to grapple with pee in the lift etc).


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                            i am actually overseas mel, so basically am looking for rental purposes and not for me to stay


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                              Nat, I feel the rental market is too saturated now. The returns from investing in a place just for rental is comparatively smaller than what it used to be. May not really be worth it.