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  • Where do I start?


    I know I sound a bit lost, but I am really a bit lost. My boyfriend just proposed to me a few days ago , and it was a total surprise

    Anyway, I was a bit stressed up initially bc I simply do not know where to start. Should we first set a date and start working on it backwards? Or should we start looking for houses and wedding gowns?

    Based on the current situation, I think I will only be ready to be a bride in 2006. Sounds a bit far away, but well, I think 2005 is too fast, be it emotionally or preparation-wise.

    Any suggestions from all brides-to-be out there?

    Btw, I love this place bc there are lots of topics for discussion

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    Advice: Get your directions right and know where you are going. You get things done better in this way and less stressful Good luck and have fun in your wedding preparations. Oh yes...get your bf involved.
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      AhCapp, just realised you haven't done as an intro at CozyBabe . Do us an intro there so we can know you better and give you a warm welcome


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        Mine was pretty easy cos my mom-in-law did everything for us. Within days of telling her we wanted to get married, she'd already started to book the banquet hall for our wedding. At the same time, she managed to find out the best dates for us to get married.

        That decided, I started going to all the bridal shops to try my gowns. Alot of stress is going to ensue but just try to have fun during the process.

        I went in with the mindset that we're doing this for the parents. We had our wedding six months later & they we thrilled at how well everything went. Their hearts were swelling with pride & that makes us very happy.


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          Wasnt lucky enough to have a resourceful MIL. I did everything myself. The planning, sourcing and confirmation.

          First, set an auspicious date for ROM (if you dont intend to have banquet on the same day)

          Second, set an auspicious date for banquet (your actual day for customary)

          Start sourcing for banquet venue.

          Start sourcing for bridal boutique

          Start sourcing for photographer/ Videographer

          A good start will be browsing through this website!!

          Btw, congrats!!!


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            Thk u to raebelasian, atypical & nymphette!

            Thk u so much to all for your replies so far =) Really helpful. Will start to jot everything down into a notebook .

            Just a question. Besides the wedding, how about the house? I don't intend to ROM first. Bc I hope that I will ROM, go thru my customary ceremony, get my house all at the same time. A bit ambitious *** But I don't really want to ROM first, wait for my wedding banquet and then wait for my house. The timing doesn't really seen to be that quite right. Or am I worrying too much? How about u all?

            How do u all fit your new home plans into your time-line? What should be first? A house or a wedding banquet? Headache ****.. hehehe...