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  • Brides-To-Be!

    Hey brides-to-be!

    Just thought it'll be great to have a 2005 Brides thread here for us to share our experiences!

    9 more months!
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    Me! :wave: Tentatively setting it on 15 Jan 05

    Just decided on the date last weekend, now going to start sourcing around for EVERYTHING. Hahaha...


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      Grrrreeeeaat!! At last got a reply! I realised there's not much 2005 brides-to-be here in cozycot.

      So did you go to the geomancer to pick your date? It's only 7 months left to your big day....will it be too rush?
      Any AD venue or BS in mind? Sorry so many questions.



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        Glad you are as exited as me..hehehe... No, i picked my ROM date. Don't intend to ask people to check the day for me. Going to be a simple fare, so half a year preparation should be ok. In mind I have these but yet to visit them:

        1) Ted Collection
        2) Allure C
        3) Milan
        4) Kai Bridal

        I left out those expensive one become they are definately out of my budget (Tan Yong, Ted Wu, Divine)

        Venue will be a cozy restaurant or outdoor setting.

        1) Robin
        2) Utopia
        3) Beetles @ work
        4) Attitude

        So far, these are my homework... Hahahaha How about you? And how's your preparation coming along?


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          COYOTE!!! My SO just told me last nite 15 Jan too!

          hahahha, we want it in jan but he now wants it on 15 Jan. waiting for last stamp of approval on 15 Jan from parents!


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            *shake hand* Congrats..hahaha...

            We are the 15 Jan gang!!!

            Saw your DIY makeup for your wedding day, GREAT JOB! You have great skin and looks good. Sure a pretty bride!

            fates - when is your AD?


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              Cool! NZ is a nice place. Wishing you Happily Ever After in NZ!!!

              Can share with me how much is the WG you bought from Allure C? I am on tight budget, don't wish to spend much and would like to keep everything simple. I will settle a WG with Allure C if I found something nice and a man suit at Ted Collection. I guess that shall be about $1k. My guest list is less than 50 Da Best part I think...hehehe...


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                Hi coyote! cefindre! :wave: Ya...the 'seniors' here only likes to talk among themselves.

                Such a coincidence eh! two cotters getting married on the same day!

                My AD is on 12 March, and I had confirmed on M Hotel for my wedding venue, and Golden Horse Awards for BS. Will be going for my first appointment pretty soon! So excited........


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                  thanks coyote!!! hehe, best wishes to u and ur SO too! keke

                  the WGs at allure range from 400-600 and the gown's urs to keep. They're mostly on the simple bustiers sorts some spaghetti strap types and lightly beaded with clear crystal beadings or embroidery. The trains are also very pretty, if u're looking for something simple and elegant, it's the place. but if u want like very lacy and more grand princessy looking, then it's not exactly the rite place. ted wu does very nice princess gowns.


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                    No fates, think not many 2005 brides i guess. Care to share the cost of your dinner and bridal package?

                    Thanks Cefindre, I will visit Allure C to check it out

                    Shall keep you both updated with my preparation. I'm still very excited over it!


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                      Congrats cefindre!

                      How I envy you ladies.....cefindre gonna have her wedding in NZ while coyote's one will be a simple fare with 50 guests. For me.....I guess I'll have abit of a headache as I gonna have about 30 tables....and the name list is increasing day by day!


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                        IF circumstances permit, I *may* be a Dec 2005 bride!

                        But we haven't talked about lately, due to both of us starting on our new careers.

                        *crossing my fingers*


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                          hi everyone, im new here..

                          just wondering did/ are you gals having the rom and the actual wedding/customary ceremony on the same day or separate?

                          think im quite hopless.. suppose to plan for my rom this year or next year (judging from the time slipping by)... but havent done anything yet!


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                            my sister also used golden horse for her wedding package 2/3years back! she looked great! I loved her gown and the photos were great! It's a good package deal. Coyote's right, nothing to envy, it's a headache trying to arrange 2 venues, the airfares alone cost so much, headache. but must have parents here and there no choice! But very exciting!


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                              Oh btw M Hotel will be having a wedding fair on the 7th August, and the last time I was there, I saw companies like [email protected], some videography, and bridal shops having booths there....maybe you'll like to check it out :p