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  • Flash Back to the Past

    Bored Monday and it led me to the discovery of this !!!!!!!!

    In June 2000, four men disappeared in an "excursion" during a trip to Haw Par Villa.

    4 years later, a man wrote and published a book that is based on the events but was banned after the authority claimed it as "nonsense" and "disturbing".

    A team from Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) decided to conducted their own investigation......

    The SPI has decided to open its investigation to the guided public. We welcome you to join us in this unique fascinating investigation at Haw Par Villa as a guided tour. Those under the age of 18 should get a parental consent. Each tour is limited to 40 participants only.

    The organizer of this event wish to indicate that we don't hold any responsibility for any loss of human being, mysterious injury or sudden death.

    A copy of the picture book, containing shoots and filming of the actual events, will also be sold during its tour. The book also consists of a Video CD which carries exclusive interviews with the team from SPI and it's production creators. Only limited copies will be sold.

    Admission: 10-14 and 17-20 June 2004
    7pm - 8:30pm
    Haw Par Villa, Singapore (To be picked-up at Dover MRT Station)
    English and Chinese
    SGD $10

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    Wow paranormal stuff! Alya, are you going?

    Sounds interesting, but I'm a scaredy- cat! lol.


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      [email protected]

      going for one under SDU
      i think it would be so fun!!!


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        I used to join a night tour organised by the National Museum. Freaked me out throughout the whole 1 hour 'excursion'. Just simply paying to scare myself.


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          Sounds really interesting. But I am afraid that I will pay $$ to scare myself and lose sleep at night Sigh..I am such a scaredy cat. Especially with all those spooky looking statues at Haw Par Villa.

          Alya: when will you be going?Looking forward to your updates!


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            wow, i feel like joining too! sounds so interesting. Anyone roughly know what exactly happen during 2000? have never heard of this incident before.


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              I never heard about the missing men too. But was told that the huge dragon is haunted.


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                Code: SPORT/MISCL/004740/REDBOX
                Ghoulish Trail by SPI
                Have you heard of a Keramat off Shenton Way? How about the mystery of the Dairy Farm? Find out more as experts from SPI take you on a tour to some of these ?popular? places.

                Classification: Sports & Recreation
                Category: Miscellaneous
                Event Date & Time: Jul 17 (Sat) 7pm to 12am
                Event Venue: -
                Cost for SDU Member: $24.00
                Cost for Non SDU Member: $24.00

                this is the one i'm going

                the HAw par villa tour is full! *argh*