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    Where? Guess it depends much on the style/designs that you are looking for. Guess those living exhibition will have a wider choice.

    Import is definately not cheap especially sofa is such a bulky item. I won't do that.

    I got my first sofa those day bed style, wooden soild frame with off white cushions. Very resort style. But due to it was custom-made, the end product is not as comfortable as thought. Bare with it for 2 years and got a man-made leather dark beige sofa from Courts. Cheaper and more comfy, happy since...hehehe...

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    Mine is a day bed as well! :wave:
    We got it from Home Merchant - near the expo. The style of furniture is very similar to Barang Barang but its cheaper We are still loving it and we'll always laze on it while watching TV with all our big and small cushions

    Ultimately, the choice of sofa should be in sync with the overall theme/concept of the interior design, the available space and.... the budget, of course!

    We bought the day bed coz both of us love the resort/balinese look. Besides, the covers are washable (c;eanliness & hygiene) and not many so we feel it wouldnt be much of a hassel

    We feel that leather will require maintenance and since the living room is not air-conditioned... there may also be sweat stains given that the weather here is so hot!

    There are also lots of L-shaped sofas in the market with removable and washable covers in different types of fabrics to suit everyone's taste and $.

    My favourite hunting grounds:
    1) Expo's furniture fairs
    2) Home Merchant
    3) Lifestorey (expensive though)
    4) Barang Barang
    5) Lianos
    6) IMM & Furniture malls


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      Park Mall is the place! When we were furniture hunting, park mall's our fave place. Lotsa daybeds/sofas/couches in all materials/shapes/sizes/colours, you'll probably be able to find something you want. Haven't thought of importing because so far we're usualy able to find what we want locally. Our first couch is a large and dark maroon one, entirely of velvet (apart from legs of course) from Park Mall. Too bad it didn't last long thanks for two dogs I used to keep.


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        The materal & design is very much a personal taste kinda of thing.

        I like a clean, timeless design. Price is a big factor for me as well. My 3 seater sofa is from Ikea. It's a Karlanda in brown fabric (they don't have this shade anymore). It's cheap, comfy & the covers can be washed. The perfect sofa for me.

        If I had money to spare, I'd buy a leather one. Leather has to be of a good quality, or else it'll look tacky. I like brown but black can be good too depending on how the rest of your decor is going to fit in. The lines must be clean. Something masculine looking.

        The thing about leather though, is that cats will use them as a scrtaching post.

        I will import from overseas if there's one that is an absolute must get but that's going to cost a huge bomb.
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          * you have a dog/ cat
          * an elderly visitor who may have the runs or incontinence
          * vomitting baby
          then no leather. You'd cry.

          Removable covers in Fabric that's either drycleanable (tend to be nicer designs) or washable is the best bet really. Colour is up to you, even light colours (unless you have the habit of eating at the sofa and dropping chilli sauce on a regular basis, or guests tend to spill red wine).

          I like LifeShop, LifeStorey, Barang Barang (abit less than the other places mentioned), Park Mall (Xtra, if budget allows hehehe)! For the price of importing, seriously, should just get a nice expensive set from Xtra

          I hate Cellini, White Collection, Novena whatever you call it (ok so MY sofa is from Novena or White, can't recall, but I had budget constraint heh).


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            You can try Melanders. My sis loves to shop for furniture there.

            31 Admiralty Road
            #01-01 Fook Tong Nam Building
            Telephone : (65) 6363 3000

            Chanced upon this website, they have packages too.
            E-Novena Holdings
            Edited to add the e-Novena's Holdings website
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              I like the living room sets from OM
              Simple designs with clean lines.


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                I have an OM coffeetable with concealed ottomans. Receives compliments. But quality-wise... similar or just a tiny notch better than White/ Novena et al. Won't complain for the price though basically be aware you are paying for similar kind of manufacturing quality with just... more appealing design.

                Oh then there's also the matter of whether you want it to be heirloom-worthy (I'm joking, but I mean something that's really quality-built)... I do select 1 or 2 pieces in the home with that in mind. For sofa set I'm not so sure many people would want that though... in which case as long as it doesn't cave in (can always experiment in showroom ), the cushioning does not sag too badly (quite difficult... most of the lower quality sofas have terrible cushions), it should be fine.


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                  Hmm, wonder if you have the desire (and the moolah ) for a classic designer sofa? I don't mean the designer sofas that every other company claims :roll: but the classic ICONS by dead designers/ architects? Kinda expensive to splurge for a big sofa (but I don't know your lifestyle- it'd look darn silly in my 3-rm HDB of course), and possibly not very practical with wear and tear (unless it's just for show, which is quite ridiculous for an item such as a sofa). If let's say you have a certain good budget, you might want to try a generic sofa (simple no frills) and match with a killer armchair. A killer designer armchair! :D

                  X-tra has new repros (repros are just repros... the patent expires after a certain no. of years and basically any China company can use the design. Though you pay more for better materials/ other countries of manufacture. Digressing, which is why you see so many cheap Le Corbusier lounges that they don't like carrying the higher-end ones anymore. While LifeStorey carries repros with certificates...). Lorgan's Retro Store has the actual NON-repro pieces (ie. produced when the designer was very much alive and kicking), refurbished- which makes a wonderful piece of history to own. There's a particular armchair that's a few thousand $ (but real leather refurbished) that really caught our eye (but of course did not fit our budget)... in terms of prices, being pre-owned, they actually command slightly lower prices than the same models at X-tra Lorgan's also carries brandnew repros too. And contrary to the name... I think you might find some CLEAN not-too-retro-y feeling pieces (but same era, just that I call them classics).
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                    Do check out D & B at the furniture mall, beach road! Mine is a L-Shape Sofa. I think the material is call micro sude, it's machine washable & water proof but it's abit warm if you sit on it too long It's in 2 tone color, the base area is dark brown & the sofa is beige.

                    I would actually love to get a day bed but my hubby object


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                      Nic, you can check out Great World as well. Recently, there are new shops opening in this mall.

                      We bought our L-shape 7-9 seater sofa from Expo exhibition (not free admission type) years ago. Have it in fabric instead of Leather. We think leather is difficult to maintain and is expensive.

                      If there's no budget contraint, I will import from overseas provided that i can't find the right design locally .


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                        Originally posted by keiko
                        I like the living room sets from OM

                        I got my sofa from OM and my daybed from Melandas. I like OM because its design is nearly on par with Ikea's, but its quality is several notches better, so you don't get your furniture collapsing on you.

                        Price is also a bit higher than Ikea, so you get what you pay for, really.


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                          I got mine from Melandas.

                          Leather and very cushiony.

                          Sinks you in when you sit.

                          Envelopes you when you sleep

                          I LOVE IT so much that I am tempted to ditch my regular bed!


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                            Originally posted by keiko
                            I like the living room sets from OM
                            Simple designs with clean lines.
                            We like OM too. In fact, this is what we have right now (but ours dark grey)


                            This sort of sofa (design) is really comfy because I simply love putting my legs up (stretch out).

                            Thanks for the webpage link, keiko, cos I have been thinking of getting new covers for the entire sofa but just didn't bother enough. Now, I can make enquiries online and thats good news for me


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                              Used to like Absolutely Fabulous (Bukit Timah) but they have since closed. My favorite shop is Limited Edition at Central Mall. I like the unique designs of Italian pieces and also the fact that they only bring in 1 to 2 pieces of each. No worries about having the same furniture as your friend and also they serve as good conversational topic.

                              My take will be light color leather. Lazy me needs recliner feature on a sofa too.