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    We only have warm orangey lights at home. Not a single stark white light can be found. It suits us perfectly, create the perfect feel, atmosphere for us (cozy, warm etc).

    But, I have to say when poor dad visits, he has a hard time reading the papers.

    As for where we got our lighting fixtures, we got them from barang barang and ikea and 2 spotlight sort from the lighting shops at balestier.

    And just for your info, balestier do have a few shops that are great for selecting bathroom fixtures. (out of topic)

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    My home is all warm lighting too. We got our lights from Ikea and The Lighting Centre (I think that's what it was called) at IMM. Warm lights make a home look cosy, but they also make it impossible to try out new nail polish at night, cos the colour always looks totally different in the daytime!


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      We bought ours from one of the shophouses along Jalan Besar. Got all in white (energy saving ones) except the dining area, entrance at the main door and master washroom, . Yeah, i wish i had them in warm light or daylight color but for reading purposes we got them in white. But we have decided to have them change in the future.

      If you are looking for unique designs, you may want to scout along Balestier Road. There are quite a number of shops that sells them...Some of them are quite costly.

      Basically, it depends on what kind of look you want for each of the room. For Coziness, go for warm or daylight. As for reading purposes, you might want to get a side table reading lamps or better still, get a white light.

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        My home is a combination of white and warm lights.

        I got most of my lights in Balestier, especially from LIGHTOLOGY.
        They have got very cool lights


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          Combination of lights would be great.

          E.g. have ceiling white lights for reading and other purposes. Install soft warm lightning for better ambience & atmosphere when needed.

          Alternatve for different occassions.

          Overseas have lighting experts where they determine how much and what kind of lights to install, especially for retail stores & offices.

          I feel lighting makes a lot of difference for reading/eyes and of course, the overall feel of a place.


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            Anyone knows where to get the sort of lighting whereby you plug it into the wall socket?

            I know some diy shops do sell but I find the light not bright enough (watts).

            Hope someone may have come across. Thank you!


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              found it!

              hi, i got the lighting i was asking about in my previous post. i thought i wanted something brighter but i was wrong. i need these that are dim.


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                not sure if i post at the right place. does anyone know whether there is a dimmer switch that i can get, so that i can alter the brightness of standing lamp? Where can i buy this? pls advise, many thanks.


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                  Does anyone know where I can get a table lamp with victorian red lamp shade?
                  Thanks in advance.


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                    wow, victorian red lamp shade sounds really cool and sexy. There is a shop within tanglin shopping centre that does sofa upholstery and interior stuff. They might be able to custom make one for you cos their textile collection is basically english/victorian etc.


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                      Thanks, I may go and check it out. I am also thinking of searching along Balestier Road where there are many lighting shops. I surfed the Laura Ashley website and found the nice red lamp shades, but I know their lights are expensive, so one option could be getting a light somewhere but get the lamp shade from the Laura Ashley shop here. More browsing to do before I decide what to get.


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                        My house's lightings are mostly white light except for bathrooms and a hall. I would love to have warm orange lightings more but hb dislikes it a lot. Like everything is dim and blurry but to me.. Funny thing is that now i'm so used to my own house, white lightings, that when i do go over to my friend's place, which consist only warm orangey lights, i do feel 'funny', not so comfy and when i'm finally home, i feel, wa.h, so bright and 'easy to see things'?


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                          Anyone know where can I get nice lightings, maybe chandelier at ok prices? I knwo chandelier cost quite a bit but there are some shops with designer name that are charging like over thousands. I'm willing to pay 500- 700 for a nice chandelier. Just a small one to be placed above my dining table.