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  • London & France must buys?

    hi gals

    i have a friend who's going over to London and France for a short trip

    anything i should ask him to get for me there? i know stuff in UK is expensive, was thinking more of cheap stuff from boots pharmacy, perhaps xue can help me out here?

    as for france, he will be going to the small towns, any idea what i can get there? the friend is a guy, so i'm not going to ask him to buy bags/clothes etc, more of makeup, skincare and stuff like that

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    The last time my aunt's colleague went to London, she got him to get back alot of Harrods tote bags. You can get designs that are not available in Singapore. Around SG$29?


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      If you are into T.LeClerc products, France is the place The bigger drugstores should carry them.


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        how much are TLC stuff there?


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          I only took note of the price for the loose powder. Below 20 Euros, I believe


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            If you find something specific on the websites get him to buy stuff from Zara/ h&m and mango. it's really cheap in france. longchamp bags are cheap too.


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              Hi Lumos,

              I believe this was previously discussed. You might wanna go through the two threads below for more information:

              England > London

              You didn't mention which part of France. Perhaps referring to the Paris thread might helps:

              France > Paris



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                thanks so much queenie


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                  certain TBS things are cheaper in London i think, like the vitamin E range IIRC.
                  and Boots is great for Charles Worthington hair products.. they usually have this buy 2 get 1 free deal for the travel sized range. They have a makeup range called J17, targeted at teens so have some fun clubby-type makeup like mascara that glows under UV(?!) but also some pretty sensible palettes on the cheap. Actually I think London's pretty good for cheap drugstore makeup.. even supermarkets like Tescos & Asda have pretty decent MA-supervised in-house makeup ranges.
                  i usually stock up on cheap accessories whilst in London! (cos I'm always there in Winter when clothes aren't suitable! ) Can get really nice antique-style necklaces and cute hats & scarves from Oasis... and River often has stylish bags and shoes. Oh and if you're petite, Tammy, the girls' range of [email protected], has some cute printed tees! And I agree with coconuttiger... H&M is excellent for cheap hot current fashion! If only they'd come to Singapore!

                  As for France I'm not sure what's available in the small towns but I think you can trust the French to produce great quality body lotions? And hmm.. if your friend wasn't a guy I'd say get some Princess TimTam lingerie! So pretty!~

                  Hope your friend brings back some nice goodies for you!~


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                    You meant Princess Tam-Tam? For a moment, I thought you are referring to my favourite chocolate: Tim Tam.


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                      must buy parfume and skin care ,it was 50% cheaper,last time i went to France i bought alot of parfume and darphin skin care.But too bad we didnt pass by the LV shop.