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    Originally posted by Ariel

    What have you girls bought?
    I've bought: Stroller, Car seat, Baby cot, Playpen, Breast Pump, 1 pack (7 pieces) of newborn bodysuits.

    I need to get: Bath tub, thermometer, diaper bin (the kind that seals up soiled diaper automatically), Steam steriliser and all smaller items (diapers, cotton wool/bud, bibs, towels, grooming products, etc... )

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    Mango, I have that diaper bin too. Diaper Wrapper I think it's called. That I have to say is my best buy out of all the baby stuff I bought. So easy and convinent to use. No foul smell at all! Get it!

    Went to Mothercare at Centerpoint today, and saw the cuteeeeessst playpen. In animal leopard print! I wished I haven't gotten my playpen. Grrrr


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      Is yours the yellow Aprica one? The one where you just scrunch and stuff the soiled diaper in and it wraps the diaper tightly in a scented bag to mask odours? Good to know that you have and like it, cause I was kinda wondering a little at the back of my mind if its as useful as it claims.

      Oh, I think I saw the playpen you mentioned, the leopard print part lines the upper edge of the playpen right? yeah, its really nice

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        My diaper bin is yellow too, but not Aprica. It's Tommee Tippee. Works the same way too. At the begining, I was also wondering if I should get it. Boy, I am sooooo glad I did. So is my SO! lol.

        Yep that's the playpen I was talking abt! Did you see the leopard print stroller too? SO saw me looking at the stroller, and before I could say anything, he said, "The answer is no. I know exactly what you're thinking about." He sure knows me well. hehehe


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          I saw the playpen and I only walked a step closer to it before I distracted myself and walked away- cause I already have a playpen and I don't want to find myself finding reasons to 'need' another one.

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            I bought:
            BED, PLAY, BATH
            cot (to toddler bed), bedlinen (1 full set + 1 extra bedsheet), babysafe round-shaped pillow (reduce flathead), babysafe 2-piece bolster (wedge safely for side sleeping under supervision), security pillow (beanhusk filling), fleece liner (protect mattress at baby's buttocks from leakage, 1 big piece cut into 3 pieces use), musical mobile (sesame street, starting to wind and play for baby to familarise), lullaby "book" (for 6mths up, but hubby starting to read repeatedly to baby now), playpen (with bassinet no changing mat), bathtub, bath muppet mitten, receiving blanket, hooded towel with washcloth, bath shower (johnson), playmat, diaper bag (ugly cheap thing, to hang on stroller), changing mat, carrier (aprica);

            FEED, PEE, POO
            adult absorbent sheet for mattress (in case waterbag, show, or incontinence accidents in late pregnancy), maternity pads (1 pack), breastfeed-friendly pjs (1 new piece, the rest make-do with existing), manual breastpump (avent), breastbags, breastpads (2), bottles and teats (2 Avent+1 Avent specifically for breastbags+1 Pigeon Pedal-whatever), bottle detergent, bottle brush, steriliser (pigeon), nursing pillow, nipple cream, nappy rashcream (Drapolene twinpack), modern cloth diapers ( 8 pieces), disposable liners (1 pack esp. for 1st week's staining poo), nappy scented disposable bags, baby clothes and diapers washer detergent (Pigeon);

            CLOTHES, others
            abdominal binder, mittens and booties (7 sets), bodysuits/ top (2 newborn, 2 for 3-6mths), washcloth handkerchiefs (5 basic, 4 pretty), bibs (3), baby clippers and scissors, ear thermometer (braun), wet wipes (3 big, 5 small travel), cotton budsticks and balls, baby and toddler information books (overload of information!), hubby's shirt (same material as baby diaper to enhance bonding haha), maternity clothing (very little), bigger undies (cheapo), flat comfy shoes, body shaping cream (clarins and shiseido), bust firming gel (clarins), nursery wall stickers (decorate nursery and again mainly for our positive well-being- cute room evokes good feelings hah!), baby gym (musical keyboard), baby numerical flashcards, baby wrist rattlers, 3 storybooks

            Not yet:
            1. diaper pail with lid, diaper tongs, baby items organiser (plastic drawers), baby gate (keep the dog out)
            2. small videocamera
            (buying online)
            3. diaper soaker material, special teas (for post-labour tears, breastfeeding), healing nipple discs,
            (buying much later)
            4. nursing bra, disposable panties
            5. stroller (next year);
            (waiting for gifts)
            More storybooks, toys (not soft toys), clothes.

            We didn't have any hand-me-downs so, hefty hole in pocket. Even bigger expense are the medical bills. I do want something *NICE* (other than the baby hehe) after all is done too.
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              Actually, in my case, I bought 1 maternity dress which I wore once and hated. All other larger-sized clothings I bought at 2 mths I think... still fits me now and will probably fit til the end (but I won't know for sure til then). Because I chose loose tops which I prefer (allowance for BUST as well as waist), loose drawstring pants in stretch material (sitting on waist with allowance and straightcut down so there's allowance for hip/ thigh too).
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                Went on a baby shopping spree this afternoon and I have managed to get most of the stuff we need. Acidica, here are some pics of the cot we bought:

                <img src=>

                <img src=>

                Another useful website:
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                  ariel, thats a nice cot! those two cute looking toys, are they rabbits or hippos?

                  what is the material of the side bumper? Is it padded?


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                    Thanks mango! Those two are hippos

                    The side bumper is made of cotton and padded. I get it as part of an Aussino baby comforter set


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                      Originally posted by Ariel

                      The side bumper is made of cotton and padded. I get it as part of an Aussino baby comforter set
                      nice comforter set! I think I've seen it in Aussino stores in singapore as well.


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                        Your cot looks lovely and for that price - I think its really affordable and much cheaper compare to Singapore's cot supply..

                        I am thinking of visiting JB to just compare the price and quality. Will even go to Parkson.

                        Are you saying the quality may not be that good compare to those sold in John Little or Robinson in Singapore - any idea?

                        Actually quite fun to just source around for item.. I think I may just get a white one like yours in the pix - looks so peaceful...



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                          very sweet cot... for a sweet girl!


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                            Thanks mel and acidica!

                            During my recent trip to KL, I saw many similar cots like the one we bought but they cost between RM400-700. Judging on their outward apperance, I'd say they were identical to the one I bought. They could be more expensive because they were made of better quality wood, i.e. they don't chip easily, the paint doesn't fade as quickly etc. Since I am only planning to let my baby sleep in this cot till she's about three, I thought the one we bought would serve the purpose adequately. The cot does look sturdy enough to me

                            I went baby shopping yesterday and bought these:

                            1. One babycot in white (with 1 free pillow and 2 bolsters)
                            2. One baby mattress
                            3. Extra baby comforter set
                            4. Mosquito net hanger
                            5. Mosquito net
                            6. Infra-red thermometer
                            7. 3 boxes of disposable nursing pads
                            8. 6 pieces of washable nursing pads
                            9. Disposable diapers (Huggies and Pampers)
                            10. 2 boxes of nappy liners
                            11. Plastic mat
                            12. Baby clothes (mostly long cover-toed pants and some shirts)
                            13. 2 Bibs
                            14. Angled baby bottles (one big and one small)
                            15. 2 Baby binders
                            16. Baby powder plus container with puff
                            17. Cotton buds and swabs
                            18. Eubos Bath Cream Oil (wow, this stuff is expensive)
                            19. Palmers Nappy Cream
                            20. Bepanthen nappy cream
                            21. 6 pairs of mittens and booties
                            22. 2 pairs of baby socks
                            23. 2 80-piece and 4 30-piece packets of baby wipes
                            24. Baby tie pants (washable ones)
                            25. Nasal aspirator
                            26. Gerber Breast Therapy balm
                            27. One round-shaped pillow

                            Apart from those items above, I've bought a stroller, a car seat, a playmat, a steriliser, 4 pairs of mittens and booties, 10+ bodysuits, two baby hats, misc baby clothes, cloth diapers (Pureen), bath towels and an Aussino baby comforter set.

                            I still need: a musical mobile, a baby bathtub and possibly more baby clothes :note:


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                              wow ariel, you bought so much stuff in one single trip?! Your hubby's arms must be alot stronger after this shopping trip.