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Stainless Products for modern homemaker

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  • Stainless Products for modern homemaker

    Start this thread for couples who are getting their homes soon...

    WEL-MEI / SongCho

    Got this but I still find it not too user-friendly. On to search for another one for my another bathroom.

    For other locations, you may also scout around for other shops (esp. those along Jalan Besar Road) that sells similar stainless steel products at fraction of Wel-Mei's price.
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    For stainless steel products, esp those for use in the kitchen, try to get them at Hoe Kee (Jalan Besar and IMM) rather than Sim Siang Choon (Changi, IMM). While scouting around for metal racks for my kitchen last time, I realised that Hoe Kee has more total stainless steel products where as Sim Siang Choon has more stainless steel mixed with chrome ones.

    Chrome products though look the same as stainless steel, it will rust with time. In doubt, always ask the shop people what is the material used


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      Ah yes, how could i forget Hoe Kee! Thanks Vonnie for the reminder! I got one of my bathroom Mirror and rack from there. In addition, they have a wide variety of products to choose from.
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        No worries, Dol.

        Actually for bathroom products, I would say Sim Siang Choon have better priced ones