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    I'm downloading the 3rd season, it's OUT!


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      they are so mean that it's funny! sheesh! but i hate the way they are so lazy! rich brats.


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        Originally posted by lovedust
        I'm downloading the 3rd season, it's OUT!
        really?! im always missing so many episodes, mind sharing which website did you download from?

        tomorrow's episode about them as police officers... i think they are so cute and bimboic.


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          I enjoy this show too! Entertaining.. I try to catch every sat, but usually i'll miss it coz im usually out.

          I like Paris, she's not as bad as what the media potray her to be. She can be quite innocent at times. I dont like Nicole, she's such a b***h every time.

          Remember the guy who called then 'Dumn & Dumber', she was so angry and she make some susages with dog food n gave it to him!

          She was just an adopted child n she used to live in a poor area.

          I think she is just behaving like a rich spoilt brat so as to 'friends' with paris.. haa


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            OMG! Diorsnow, so Nicole is actually adopted? Are you sure?

            Basically I think Paris has a very pretty face but a very low-class mind. Nicole is even worse. She is loud & rough. Sometimes when I watch the show, I feel that they are quite stupid :roll:


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              Can't remember about Nicole's heiritage.. I thought she's the product of her mother's previous marriage to whoever before Lionel Richie? She looks exactly like her mum. Go Google!

              Nicole can come across tacky sometimes. I really can't stop laughing everytime she says "Gorgeous." She says that every single time she gets the chance! A certian age is that. A certain event is that. Ha ha!

              I find the second season so.. hmm.. mild. Perhaps this reality show wasn't so scripted? Ha.


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                oh boy... i've missed like so many episodes Glad you ladies are enjoying it though... share some really funny moments with me?
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                  Read from some online tabloid that apparently these two Simple Life celebs cum best friends (now ex-?) aren't really on talking terms recently. :roll:


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                    oh!! the 3rd season is out!! I better go download and enjoy it during my free time!

                    Pesonally I adore Paris Hilton. She is great!!she just have great looks!!and her dog tinkerbell!haha!


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                      According to,

                      She is the daughter of Latin percussionist Peter Escovedo III, brother of Sheila E, and a black woman identified only as an assistant on Lionel Richie's 1980 world tour; Escovedo was a member of Richie's band. Apparently, Nicole's mother was never a factor in her life, and Escovedo raised her alone.

                      Escovedo took Nicole to Richie's gigs and recording sessions, and she became something of a mascot for the band. Richie was so taken with then 3-year-old Nicole that Escovedo allowed her to live with the singer and his first wife. When Nicole was 9, Escovedo surrendered his paternal rights, and the Richies formally adopted her.


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                        Thanks for that, Kopi! Sheila E! She has music in her blood!

                        I really thought Nicole resembles Richie's now ex-wife(?)


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                          I'm dying to watch The Simple Life....but i always missed it on TV. Could somebody pls share the link on where can i download it from the net PLEASE......??


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                            i only managed to watched a couple of episodes from part 1 & 2
                            now that 3 is out!!! i wanna watch..

                            lovedust can share where you dl? or help me burn.. please *pretty please*


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                              I really liked Paris as well! I liked her hairdo too. Especially those diamond "pins" (not sure what you call that exactly) :p on her hair n makes her look ooh-so-chic.

                              I've seen several at Chomel but none looks as good as her (or was it me biased?) hehe..


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                                Me too, can anyone tell me where i can dl all the three seasons? I don't deny that I love Paris for being so rich and classy. Haha.

                                But there are moments when i think she's a bimbo and bitchy. But I don't know why, she kinda just attracts me! Haa.

                                I don't like Nicole's behaviour. Too crude and ill-mannered?