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  • Nip/Tuck

    NIP TUCK has gotta be the best TV show Ch 5 ever put up

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    caught only a bit of it and it was kind of gross watching the operations taking place. was talking to SO so didnt really pay much attention to the script


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      Nip/Tuck - anyone caught it last night?

      i think i'm in LOVE! it's such an engaging show with quality acting and pretty good scripting too i love it! i'm gonna be hooked on this one. a wonderful drama on the topsy-turvy values of the modern world, the dysfunctionality of the American dream.


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        just gotta love Nip/Tuck
        Julian McMahon looks utterly hot and delish in there!

        does anyone else think that the episodes are censored? found some of the change in scene/camera a bit 'jumpy'


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          Nip And Tuck

          This new series to hit our shores is definitely one for girls to watch.

          Its about plastic surgery and what goes on in the operating theatre as well.

          Warning though: its not for the weak stomachs.


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            Originally posted by vixette
            does anyone else think that the episodes are censored? found some of the change in scene/camera a bit 'jumpy'
            It's definitely censored cos' when i read the episode guide online, there were supposed sex scenes :roll: How sad we don't get to view them....


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              ya, Pauline!! how sad!! esp. if they involved Julian McMahon (he's the Charmed guy right?? ) .... *droollsss*


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                i love nip/tuck and the oc!

                julian mcmahon is so gorgeous. plus he's such a bad boy, which makes him even more attractive.

                i didn't find benjamin mckenzie good-looking at first, but there's something so mysterious and cool about this man of few words.

                i'm seriously hooked!


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                  Another fan here.... it's been ages since i'm hooked on any tv series!

                  Just gotta love Nip/Tuck!!

                  Julian Mcmahon is so so so HOT!!!!!
                  He's definitely looking much yummier in this show than in Charmed. *heart pumping critically...*


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                    I am seriously hooked too.. even hubby as well.. he dont normally watch TV alot unless it's good..

                    This is one show that I like after Sex and the City...

                    Julian is gorgeous single guys who sleeps around and Benjamin is the mature family guy that you like him too.. The scripts are interesting cos you see different patients and scene like the sex party that they went...

                    Have fun watching!


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                      Planning to get my friend to buy the VCD back from States.


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                        the show is very enganging! and Julian


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                          The hype has gone down? I couldn't stand to watch much of the new season - too graphic! A face lift last week, then that clitoris-restructuring op tonight .. .. eeeeeee!


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                            i caught last week episode....they shown too much about the on-goings of the surgery....especially the way they cut up the patient's face....disgusting...i was pretty turn off by it....i don't recall season 1 being so gross :eh: :roll:


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                              anyone caught this show yesterday? I saw the advert and thought it was interesting. But was too tired to watched!