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12 CDs for the price of 1!

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  • 12 CDs for the price of 1!

    Hey babes, I'm thinking of buying cds from the states, since I can take advantage of the buy 12 for the price of 1 programme! =) But I don't have that much cds to is anyone interested?

    I'm considering or ColumbiaHouse. SO anyone willing to share with me? Think i'll most prob get 3 or 4 cds.

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    12 CDs for the price of 1!!

    Hihihihi! I wanted to get some CDs from BMG music which offers the advantage of getting 12 CDs for the price of 1!! anyone interested?


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      i can't believe it, 12 CD for the price of one ??? (er.. how much is their One (1) CD costs ? )
      I'll definitely be interested.
      May I know where (webby etc) can I find out more ???


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        i'm really interested in this! however, i think we have to be members or something first?

        the direct link is here

        and i think it's only for the US, as stated on the site, unless there was a way to go around it; if there is, im really interested!


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          -nods- you get the first 7 free, then buy the next at full price..14-15..not sure of the exact amount, then choose the remaining cds!! so how?


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            on the website, it states : Shipping and handling will be added to each selection. Membership is limited to the US, US Possessions and APO-FPO only.

            would membership be allowed to overseas customers then? and since it's a US-site, the price of a CD should be in USdollars.


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              -nods- i know ur worries. well, im thinking of using eshopusa to help us ship the items back. lemme know if it's fine with u ya?

              As for the possession part, I think so long we're not renting out to the public (cos it does not contain the green government-approve sticker thingy), it should be fine. Since VPost allows the shipping of CDs,I believe it should be fine.
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                okay! sorry for asking so many questions! how much do you think shipping would be?

                if shipping is reasonably okay, i wouldnt mind getting 6-7 cds, since you're gettin 3/4 right?


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                  -nods- and dun forgot Katrina! so you are definately joinin me on this purchase right? great!!


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                    yup, since katrina would be joining us, i would just buy 3/4 cds then.


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                      Originally posted by spiralled
                      yup, since katrina would be joining us, i would just buy 3/4 cds then.
                      hmmm, i wanna chop-chop..get it over and done with..if by the end of 5th July, no one else expresses interest in this cd 'spree', then we shall go order the cds. No point waiting and dragging.

                      how's that? :huh:

                      P/S: i'l pm katrina about it.


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                        Thanks for the pm, mew_pinkie !
                        I'm keen on 3 CDs.... let me know if you've meet your counts...


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                          alright. I've done it.

                          Katrina: 3 CDs.
                          spiralled: 3CDs.
                          mew: 6 CDs!! (god, can you people please take one more?)

                          Service use:

                          Shipping rates (USPS): Economy Parcel Rate. 5lbs cost US$21.50. I believe our total shipping cost by USPS wouldn't be over 5lbs/2.25kg. But i'm not sure. Each lbs/.45kg increase cost an extra US$1.30.

                          Shipping cost (BMG music): I've checked with ColumbiaHouse (offers the same service) it's US$2.99 for single CDs, US$3.99 for double.

                          Handling fee (eshopusa): US$19.50+ US$2.50 (website payment service since it has to be a US citizen) =US$22.

                          Total (leaning towards the conservation calculation): US$79.38/S$138.92

                          Katrina: S$34.73
                          spiralled: S$34.73

                          so is it settled? please let me know asap. I dun wish to drag.


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                            getting pissed

                            If no one is going to reply, i'm not organising this spree anymore.
                            i need replies here so that i am aware that you 2 are following up on the thread.

                            i dun wish to be mean, but i really dun wish to drag.
                            let me know your decision asap.


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                              sorry, i was replying you through PMs, so i forgot about this thread. anyways, does that price include that of the cds? or just shipping/handling?

                              maybe we could wait a while more to see if anyone wants to join and add in more cds, if you only want two.