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  • Overseas/Dream Wedding Location

    Hawaii or the Maldives! Cheaper alternative would be Bintan, or Redang Island!!!!

    *Sigh* This dream is a bit far to reach...
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    If $$ isnt a factor.

    I would love to hold my wedding in Las Vegas, or celebrate them with the tulips in Holland or at a wine yard in France.


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      I would choose the French Polynesia.


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        Beaauuutiful beeaauuutiful place!! very very fairytale land. So is Hakodate!! Gorgeous gorgeous nightscapes. Gosh, i think the whole of hokkaido is very nice itself!

        average 200,000 yen just for the couple/chapel-in-hotel/mish-mash of wedding works. And around 9000 yen for each person if holding a banquet. urghhhh.. if i've the cash!!


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            If money is no object, I wish to have it Maldives or Bali.


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              if money is not a problems


              and many other places, haha...


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                to have it overseas would be outrageously expensive, unless we're keeping it very small. if not, it'll be nice to have an exclusive island somewhere in thailand and have fabulous chefs and fantastic guests. but i don't think it's going to be any fun for the older folks.


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                  just a survey...

                  when we hold an overseas wedding, is it proper/right/courtesy to foot for ALL the transportation/accomodation costs of the guests...??


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                    Originally posted by Ribbons
                    just a survey...

                    when we hold an overseas wedding, is it proper/right/courtesy to foot for ALL the transportation/accomodation costs of the guests...??
                    generally yeah, at least basic accomodation (but surely no host will put their guests in a motel), air tickets, as well as transportation(buses, cars, limos, depending on your budget) to wedding venue. So far the overseas weddings I know of, the wedding couple also takes care of things like chartering mini buses or cars and fetching guests from airport to hotel, planning some daytime activity (usually golfing) for the interested guests, hiring a half-fay tour guide to show them around, etc, before the actual dinner. Lotsa coordination work to be taken care of. If you're planning for something like that, best to engage a wedding planner.


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                      Wedding in different countries

                      Maybe too early to discuss this...but I've been thinking of this problem for quite sometime..

                      My dear and I 've been dating for more than 4years, and of coze thought of settling down early, maybe in 2-3 yrs time.

                      Problem is he's not from Singapore but i am, so I've been thinking does that means we have to hold 2 wedding in two different countries? That would cost a bomb, and also he told me its quite impossible for all his family and friends and relatives to fly over here to attend our wedding and vice versa.

                      So anyone come across this situation?

                      My dear suggest holding our wedding in his country and then wedding dinner in singapore... I don't really like this idea of not having my family or friends around to attend the wedding.

                      Ive also thought of inviting some of my closest relatives and friends over and pay for their airfare and their hotel stay, and that would cost alot too.

                      Can anyone offer me a win-win solution? Thanks


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                        hey aries
                        looks like i am in the same situation as you!

                        i am currently in melbourne with SO.
                        basically we have ponder over the thought of having 2 wedding dinners in Singapore and Australia, mainly becos of the fact that it will be a strain on our finances.

                        anyway i thought of just having a small reception in Singapore, booked a ballroom or something for my close friends and relatives in Singapore.

                        as for the wedding dinner in Australia, we couldnt possibly hide from it ahahahhaha...
                        abit overwhelming as SO has a big family and i think grandma wants a big wedding!

                        we cant possibly fly the relatives from Singapore and Malaysia to Australia so I think will find out more when i go back to sg the next time.

                        i would prefer the option of a honeymoon wedding but i think that is not possible judging my situation

                        seriously if your parents and his parents dont mind, have a big wedding banquet and get it done and over with....


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                          hmm it doesnt apply for me but let me tell you what my cousin did

                          my cousin's wife is an australian so he held the wedding banquet there and we went there for the wedding. my cousin didnt invite everyone just a few aunties, we paid for our own airfare but he paid for our accommodation and transport. basically we were placed in a big house, with all the other aunties

                          then when he came back to singapore, he had a small dinner for us again plus all the relatives who didnt fly over

                          think he had the big dinner in australia cos the wife was going to come to SG to stay so he wanted to give her parents something


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                            Hi girls,
                            I'm in the same fix. SO is in nz, I'm doing the rom in dec along with a church reception for my side of the family. Then in jan, am going to nz with parents attending also, and have another slightly more elaborate wedding with his family and friends side. We're not flying pple here and there, we're doing one small reception here and a larger one for the other side I guess. Dun like chinese dinners much, so glad that both parents are ok with scraping dinner ideas which is great. yup, that's how I'm doing mine.


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                              That's great, now i've an idea what to do..
                              thanks alotz!