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    was out driving to bf's place during the darkness..street lamps were not working...traffic lights not working!! scary!! oh i was at cck/bukit panjang area


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      I was brushing my teeth when the blackout started!
      Everyone in the neighbourhood was screaming :OIIIIIIIII!
      It was hilarious yet scary.


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        Originally posted by rosetea
        i'm staying at punggol, it seems to be a major breakout, even the traffic lights, road lamps are gone just now.

        Same for Senkang Area. I just came back and while waiting for the life, it black out.

        Fortunately for me the incident occurred when i was waiting for the lift, or i would BLACK out too. har har


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          it shows how unprepared i am.
          & shows how dependent we are on our neighbouring countries.

          best to stock up candles & lighters at home.
          because i realise battery operated torchlight is not trustworthy.


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            My place (Telok Kurau/Joo Chiat area) was affected last night too! We thought it was an internal power trip at first until we saw that the street lights were gone too.

            The most amusing part of this incident was my 2 nieces' reactions. When my mum lit up tealights and altar candles, my 4-years old niece broke into her rendition of "Happy Birthday" and my 2-years old niece started to clasp her hand in prayer.


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              i just finished showering when the blackout occured, thank god i finished by then

              i took out all my candles and tealights and started burning them, good to put all the stuff in use

              actually i dont think starhub,singtel or m1 was done, rather too many people started calling/ messaging their loved ones so you cant get through the network

              SO's area was affected but oddly enough his condo still have lights though the road lamps were out

              airport should have backup generator so dont think it was affected, otherwise all of my colleagues no need to work already!


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                Originally posted by secrets
                When my mum lit up tealights and altar candles, my 4-years old niece broke into her rendition of "Happy Birthday"
                When power came back on and hubby blew out all my candles, he sang that too haha.

                So relieved I wasn't stuck alone in a lift or something- I would seriously freak out in that scenario. As it was, I was already asleep until hubby burst through the bedroom door (he was in the study doing work) waking me up from my nice sleep. Of course he didn't know where all the candles in the house were.


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                  We thought it was an internal trip when it happened too. The whole street was dark but the houses opposite mine had lights on still

                  My neighbour, staying alone 1 house away, came over to chat as she was really scared. Well, at least I've made a new friend

                  Thank goodness it only lasted for about half an hour.
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                    Experienced blackout for 1 and half hour :piss: .I stayed in Hougang and its pretty annoying as I could not do anything in the dark. I resorted to going to bed earlier, but it was too hot for me to fall asleep!


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                      Lumos , MRT stations and some condos have back up power

                      the blackout I experienced was like one and half hrs too! :piss:
                      I so badly needed to do my work!!!


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                        Yep, MRT stations have back up power as the MRT operations was not affected at all last night.


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                          Had nothing to do during the blackout so I decided to light a couple of tealights to light up the bathroom and then take my shower. Really like the kind of peace and tranquility achieved by the tealight in the bathroom. I was telling hubby that it felt SPA-like. He was perspiring like crazy in the room then so I don't think he felt that way at all

                          I think I will just try bathing with tealights again..... and probably with some essential oil this time


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                            was watching tv half way when power went out the whole area was affected! this was when the SSC candles came in handy


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                              my area too! used handphone light to guide myself around the house was quite freaked out initially but my whole family who lives in the same estate came out to socialize... quite rare for us to do that. my friend and his girlfriend came over from two streets down where they had a blackout too! they just walked over to our place we were tempted to go rob the Shell station of its Ben & Jerrys icecream stock cos power would be down there and the place would be pitch dark. plus the b&j icebox was outside the shellmart! haha.

                              anyways. it was fun, the blackout. but i was hella relieved when the lights came back


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                                Same here Zhi! I too used my hp's light to guide me around the house.
                                I was using it to find candles and a lighter to light up those candles.

                                haha, the ben and jerry ice cream thing sounded cool!