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    ha ha... it is huh. oh well didn't do it in the end *gutless!*


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      Seems like most of u enjoy the blackout huh? We should stock up more candles, never know when is the next time


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        Originally posted by ibonne
        it shows how unprepared i am.
        & shows how dependent we are on our neighbouring countries.

        best to stock up candles & lighters at home.
        because i realise battery operated torchlight is not trustworthy.

        Chemical composition of batteries in the battery operated torchlights/flashlights ( for our US readers ) changes, and hence fail to work if its ben left unused foor a while.

        Stock up some matches too in case lighters don't work.


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          Originally posted by lumos
          i just finished showering when the blackout occured, thank god i finished by then

          i took out all my candles and tealights and started burning them, good to put all the stuff in use

          actually i dont think starhub,singtel or m1 was done, rather too many people started calling/ messaging their loved ones so you cant get through the network

          SO's area was affected but oddly enough his condo still have lights though the road lamps were out

          airport should have backup generator so dont think it was affected, otherwise all of my colleagues no need to work already!

          Perhaps his condo has backup generator..


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            Actually i thought its kinda fun.

            I walked over to the nearby coffeeshop with a miserable torchlight, Fei Fei wantan mee was still cooking noodles!

            Shone the torch at the person cooking noodles and said " police here police here, routine checks" ( in hokkien)

            But was asked to go home by dad.. probably worried that too many miscellaneous people walking around the neighbourhood.

            It feels like Singapore has gone back like 50 years in Kampong.
            Makes you appreciate electricity more.

            With dwindling oil supplies, We really should give more thoughts about going green, reducing dependence on oil & gas, take more public transport, less cars etc.


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              My area was affected as well. Was telling SO how 'lucky' we were with those SSC candles that I bought.


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                wow.. it sounds like a major blackout, similar to the time the west side got a blackout during my exams... Well.. Lucky I missed all of it.. I was in Prince1 watching Spiderman 2 preview... Lucky the cinema wasn't affected.... By the time I reached home, the lights just resumed.. and my mum even said that it was me who brought back the lights...


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                  Queenie, that's so romantic!!


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                    Hahaha and guess what we were doing? Collecting red packet money...


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                      Originally posted by Vonnie
                      Had nothing to do during the blackout so I decided to light a couple of tealights to light up the bathroom and then take my shower. Really like the kind of peace and tranquility achieved by the tealight in the bathroom. I was telling hubby that it felt SPA-like. He was perspiring like crazy in the room then so I don't think he felt that way at all

                      I think I will just try bathing with tealights again..... and probably with some essential oil this time
                      I did that too! The atmosphere created by the candle and tealight felt really good, I must say. I was rather disappointed when the electricity came back on.


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                        Queenie, u were having your wedding dinner that night?


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                          Jemay, no. I was at home.


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                            Oh, so was counting red packet money huh??


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                              Oh, just remembered.. The day after the almost-nationwide blackout, i went for a swim at my neighbouhood swimming pool. Guess what, the adult pool was in YUCKY yellow- greenish colour! Pretty disgusting!

                              According to the repair man, the pump (of the pool) got affected from the blackout and it stopped working for awhile, hence got pumped back into the pool.... and therefore, the awful colour of the pool... :puke: :puke:


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                                Gosh, what was I writing!!! Yes dearie, it should be "counting" not "collecting".