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  • Budget Airlines - AirAsia, JetStarAsia, TigerAir, Valuair

    Let's share some information regarding AirAsia.

    If the information u are looking for is not available on the Internet, try calling Airasia at 6733 9933 or +603 7884 9000 (0203 7884 9000 if you are using a SingTel line) for enquries. I tried calling many times before the line was connected. Good luck

    To answer Pelecia's question,

    'P' stands for promotion fare

    'L' stands for Normal Low fare.

  • #2 thats the meaning of P and L
    Thanks rae for starting this thread....

    I was wondering how come theres such a significant difference between the fares.

    For eg. A one way ticket from Terrangganu to KL airport will cost about RM29.99 for a P ticket and RM 69.99 for a L ticket.

    Anyone has any rave or rants about air asia? This is something new to me and so I appreciate any feedback that you girls out there can share.


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      I took airasia from langkawi to KL, then from KL to JB. I had a bad experience. My first flight was delayed, so I did catch the second flght. As a result, I spent 1 night at KL airport.

      When on the flight, the lights in the cabin switch on by itself when landing. I was sitting at the first row and saw the air stewardess's face. Her face was like this. :huh:

      Oh my god... I rather take valuair next time. as least their planes are new. And safer. :note:


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        Airasia is just what it says - no frills, good for the budget traveller. i do like the leather upholstered seating wish they gave complimentary sandwiches or something though. but that's a small thing.

        overall, service is good, the plane seems sturdy enough and it was not much different from a flight on any other airline (non-budget).


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          have not took airasia yet but SO took it once to fly to bangkok on business

          what he mentioned was that there are a lot of chinaman on the plane and they talk VERY loudly. not being a bigot but if you mind it, maybe you're better off taking other airlines? also his plane got delayed on the way home by about 1-2 hours so he was starving at the airport


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            took air asia when i came back to JB from Penang.

            overall, felt it was like the virgin airlines we have over here... no food sold though (I was abit hungree on the plane)

            as it was a budget airline, i wasnt expecting anything
            no frills no frills but hey the turbulence was bad!

            the passengers were like rushing to board asap as well?


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              Hey gals, thanks for the comments.

              The flight from Terangganu to Kuala Lumpur is about 1 hour, that was why I am contemplating to take the risk of purchasing from airasia.


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                I took AirAsia from Penang to JB, overall I am quite satisfied, plane left on the dot, I had spacious leg room as I was sitting next to the emergency exit and thus the space infront was empty. well, afterall it is a no frills budget airline, so we cannot expect too much, the stewardess are friendly and helpful though


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                  Yes, I would agree. Since its a no frills airline, I am not expecting services from air stewardesses. Just treating it like a coach trip and I guess the good advantage is that I get to shorten my trip and save time!


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                    A silly question: where do we take the flight if I buy air tickets to Bangkok?From Sg, is it at changi airport?


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                      taking air asia to bangkok soon.. *** curious, is there a seat no. given?? thanx..


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                        airasia does not give out seat nos, its free seating


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                          Yeah, bought tickets for my trip to Bangkok from Airasia, its really no frills and no fuss.

                          Looking forward to my BKK trip!!


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                            Originally posted by PeLeCiA
                            A silly question: where do we take the flight if I buy air tickets to Bangkok?From Sg, is it at changi airport?
                            it's at T1, Counter 13 IIRC


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                              Thank you!