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    Cefindre, I managed to find a catalogue from Julia Wedding News here but the gowns very expensive:

    85 Tanjong Pagar Road
    Singapore 088506

    Sales Coordinator
    (Sales Coordinator)
    Tel: (65) 6323 7228
    Fax: (65) 6323 7370
    Email: [email protected]

    Established for 10 years, Julia Wedding News uses the best quality
    for its gowns to fulfil customers` needs and wants. It will participate
    in the annual Taipei largest costume design show every year. `Julia`
    is a well known brand in the industry.
    We provide :
    * Wedding packages
    * Made-to-wear Wedding Gowns
    * Wedding Gowns for rent
    * Makeup and Hairstyling
    * Indoor and Outdoor photography services
    * Floral arrangement and Car decor
    To be featured later.

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    Hey coyote ,
    thanks for the link. yar, the gown itself is v exp. but if u're going for a package, I think it costs around 3888, inclusive of photos and that sorta thing. It's not for me I guess coz I'm not taking a package, but if u're thinking of a package, worth to just pop by and try their gowns, they'll let u try and get a general idea of what sort of gowns u like. my gf tried so many on that day, very pretty gowns compared to other shops we stepped into.


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      Since you're petite, you should go for Julia's beaded/sequined sheath gowns. Very very alluring!!! And only the selected fortunate petites like yourself won't look like sausages in them, man. So lucky

      I saw some nice beigey sheaths with fishtail dress-tails last time at Julia's. Very womanly, and away from the norms.


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        totally agreed!!! Julia's photography and everything else is bleah, but the gowns are wow! keke, ur proposal is so cute! hahaha. men, lol, they're all in the same mental mode! keke


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          haha...was surfin for JWN and this thread came coincidental coz i happen to be cefindre's GF who tried all those gowns that hot sat afternoon at tanjong pagar....

          i must say, as mentioned by my darling fren cefindre, the gowns are WOW....but not sure if the service there is as good....

          anyone out there ever a JWN bride? do share...


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            Hi cheekz, welcome to Cozycot! Could you please do us an intro at Cozybabes? We'd like to get to know you better. Thanks!

            Have fun at Cozycot!


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              i got my ROM dress & photopackage there.. i must say photography is indeed commendable.. but the actual & after sales-service.. em.. u can get better else where,,

              my gf went there for photography package only (without the actual day) and she feels too the photography is real good & natural.. but service... uh-uh..

              packages are expensive too... gowns are pretty I must say.