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    do take a look at this site :

    i put this thread here because i thought this is very much a womens issue and one about childbirth so it would be more relevant here. but mods, it's at your disposal

    i was watching an episode of Oprah when they featured the immensely saddening plight of teenage African girls who marry early at the age of 8 or 9 and give birth at 12 or 13 years old when their bodies are hardly ready for it.

    They are stuck in painful labour without a midwife or any other medical assistane for days on end. Often, they give birth to a stillborn.

    Fistula -> a medical condition where a hole develops in your bladder or rectum due to obstructed labour. all your faecal matter or urine flows uncontrolled down the birth passage when this condition occurs.

    These girls have bodies underdeveloped for birth - their pelvises are too small, and as a result obstructed labour occurs. The baby's head sometimes pushes against their spinal cord nerve endings and causes paralysis.

    These girls end up being forsaken by their husbands and live as outcasts of societies because of the foul odour they give off from their fistula condition. Some never leave their house for years on end. Many still do not know there can be renewed hope for them to have a normal life.
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    What is being done?

    The Addis Abbaba Hospital featured in the website is set up by the late Dr Reginald Hamlin and his wife, Dr. Catherine Hamlin. They perform surgery on these girls to repair their childbirth injuries for free. No one is turned away.

    When the girls are strong enough to leave the hospital (sometimes weeks or years later), they are given a brand new dress and headscarf - and money to take the bus home. This is to prevent them from becoming a vagrant in the streets or a prostitute. They are encouraged to marry and are given advice to go to a hospital when they are ready to deliver.

    There are many who are unable to recover from their extensive injuries. They remain at the hospital as medical assistants, or move to a small agrarian village adjacent or near to the hospital recently set up for these women with incurable injuries - a place for them to belong.


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      This is wow horrible! I was speechless. 12 yr old?!!!

      But the good thing at least there are people who are helping them through the steps.

      Makes me grateful for everything.