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  • Sleep Paralysis | Night Terrors

    I was wondering if anybody has had this before?

    I do get it from time to time. Bascially, when I'm sleeping it feels like my brain is awake, but my body isn't. When I want to move my body, no matter how hard I try, it won't move. I feel like my body is being crushed or being suffocated. Also, I hallucinate too because when it happens, it feels like there is a presence in the room.

    I hate it when it happens, it's such a scary experience. So much so, that I'm too scared to go back to sleep when I wake up from it!

    Thankfully, it doesn't happen too often *phew*

    My cousin used to scare me with the chinese supernatural reasoning behind it, when in fact there is an scienfitic explaination behind it!

    Anyway, there is more info on it here
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    I get this -when my body is too tired to move - usually happens when i am very fatigued or unwell.

    I try to sleep not facing up - i found that it helps. Facing upwards will give you the sinking feeling when this happens & make me so weak as if i cannot wake with my own will.

    I also get this other feeling of BIG small, BIG small - things get BIG then small - usually blocks to stuff in my about to sleep vision. its horrible as i cannot sleep & will be to mentaly disturbed to fall asleep. This happened very often when i was a kid as since being an adult it has stopped for many yrs till a few months back it came back once. i was unwell. - problem is i wasnt unwell often as a child. I think i am more sickly as an adult.

    My parents had "things" crushing on them while they slept - it was their wedded room that was facing a cemetary or it could have been that room was unclean - my father said - he had to pray hard usually to make it go away. We are christians & believe that there will be spirits hanging around anyway in bid of creating chaos.

    I had had chicken pox after my O'levels & it was so stressful as a 16 yr old with chicken pox -it totally wrecked my immunity & weakened my body greatly. that was in December years ago. Then 1st 3 months I studied very hard in junior college as i found it was tougher than O'levels - I was not a brilliant student at all. DUring this 3 mths of waiting for my O'level results & studying very hard in junior college & just having recovered from Chicken pox - i found myself dreaming 3 consequtive days on cannibalism & dead animals/humans. It will happen just when i have fallen asleep & i will be shocked awake & cannot sleep after that - in bid to try to keep awake to prevent those night mares - i walk around the house - my mum said i looked like a zombie - my parents were totally scared for me.

    one of these 3 eventful nights while i was trying to sleep, i had just closed my eyes & visioned 2 faces, one of the left & one on the right of my face. They were an angel & a devil quarrelling - fighting for the rights of me. I think it was the 3rd night, I was already less scared, found their 'fight' too noisy for me - so i woke to tell my parents about it. My father prayed for me before i went to sleep for the 2nd & 3rd day.

    I had this cannibalism phobia from a early 80s or late 70s show. was a kid & could not understand why people stoned people to death to eat them - it was on Channel 5 yes during dinner time. Most children whose parents did not object would have watched it. - These 3 nights of nightmares was a blessing in disguise - it helped me overcome this childhood phobia & helped me face this fear.


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      Originally posted by vit_c
      I also get this other feeling of BIG small, BIG small - things get BIG then small
      Strange, I encounter this experience too! That's usally when I'm sick, or too tired and I'll see objects that appear very big. My mind seems to be awake, but the body just can't move at all, and I'm still in a dream-like state, with the big images flashing in and out of my mind...


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        I have experienced what Vit C and Fantasia have been through too. Sometimes I even experience the BIG small BIG small sensation a few minutes after I woke up.
        Experienced sleep paralysis twice so far. It was quite traumatic because prior to that, i have heard about the Chinese beliefs on supernaturals. Then, I was trying to scream, move or even jerk myself but can't to it. I couldn't remember whether was I turning my head from side to side or I couldn't do that at all. it lasted for less than 3 minutes I think, after that I woke up.


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          Yup, I have experienced 'sleep paralysis' as well when I was younger. I felt really terrible then, as I couldn't breathe and was felt that I was being crushed. As it usually happened when I am lying on my back, I started to sleep on my sides.


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            I know it's been a while since this thread started but wanted to share this information in case it helps anyone else.

            The first time I experienced night terrors and horrible nightmares was when I started taking anti-depressants.

            I told my doctor and he said it is a common side-effect. But he did not tell me this until I told him about my frightening experiences.

            He later went on to tell me that they are most likely going to happen when I am getting better, as in my mood improves, or when I am very unwell and troubled/stressed.

            Embarrassingly, it always happens whenever I share a bed and/or room with others, particularly loved ones etc. My poor aunt who I hadn't seen in 20 years, she looked so shocked when we went on holidays together and said I'd been screaming in my sleep...

            So if your doctor does suggest ever taking what is called 'mood-altering medication', ask them what the likelihood of it causing these side effects is.

            If I had have known, I don't think I would ever have agreed to take them. The health industry hides a lot from the people it is supposed to help.


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              I experienced this couple of weeks ago when I was very stressed... freaked me out! I thought it some kind of supernatural thing until my bf sent me a link about sleep paralysis... Have actually studied about it in school but didnt know the experience would be like this... think it's stress related cos after I finished my few major projects it went away.. phew.


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                I experienced this too way couple of months ago during the seventh month .. call me a coward, but ever since then I slept with my lights on every night. Felt so frightened by it!


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                  I have also experienced this before! And I felt like something strong was sucking away my energy..something like the Harry Potter thing where the dark spirits attempt to suck one's spirit or life or whatever away. I couldn't move my head nor scream nor was rather frightening. Moreover, I felt that it was coming from the direction of my open window...

                  So i really thought that it was some ghost or spirit thingy. But thank goodness this happened in the day, and not at night. I just hope it won't happen again....


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                    I have such experience several times. The frequency was highest when I was in JC, then Uni. Now, I get it on-off. Never new it was called sleep paralysis, I always thought I was just having nightmares But yes, after reading the link, it all makes sense now. I realise I have that when I am very tired, yet mentally alert to a certain extent. Last time, it was due to exam stress. Nowadays, I take a strong coffee in the evening on a day when I am very tired, I will get this when I sleep!

                    Used to have my own room so nobody really hear me shout cos by the time I "find my voice" I only manage a short shout before I wake up. But now, my poor husband will be woken up by me He is getting used to it already though

                    Oh yes, for non-shouting type of scenarios, I have the experience of needing to pull myself out entirely from it. Make myself really wake up before I go back to sleep. Otherwise, it seems like I am going from one "night-mare" to another. Very "spooky" feel.


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                      strangely enough i only experience this when i take afternoon naps. any possible explanation for this?


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                        reldyn, I only get this when I take afternoon naps too!


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                          Hi all, I've experienced the sleep paralysis thingy. with the mind waking up and body not being able to move.

                          While scientific explanations comfort us when we are awake. What real psychological amd emotional comfort is there when we are up at 3-4am with this horrific episodes? I had woken up sweating, etc previously.

                          For me, here are the things I've done that make me able to fall back into restful and fearless sleep after these episodes:

                          -have a time out (no reading, tv or chatting) before I try to sleep. do some knitting, meditation, or chant your favourite mantra
                          -have a radio on soft or plug on the earphones on to some nice familiar CD and put it on "loop". I found the human voices help me to feel comforted.
                          -Keep a charm next to my bed (given to me by my buddhist friend)
                          -live well. A day of well intentioned living, healthy eating, plently of physical excercise -- means a night of sound sweet sleep

                          I found that the mantra helps tremendously. After you chant for a while before you sleep, I found that once or twice, when I exprienced the icky, feeling mid-sleep, the mantra came on automatically -- On ITS OWN and comforted me and lulled me back to sleep. Your mantra could be according to your own religious tradition: "Om mani padme hum", "Hail Mary. . "., "Rama Rama. . . " etc.

                          Take care, sleep well.


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                            I've just shifted hse last dec and i do have this experience once last month, I've never experienced this ( like those u have described) when I was living in my old estate.

                            what i did was just chant some prayers and tried to relax my mind not to think of those 'supernatural' things. When i'm more calm and able to move, I got up to clip my small little buddha statue on my pyjamas (I'm a buddhist btw). After that, I slpt well.

                            Till nw, I've been wearing it whenever i go to bed, often i'll also turn on the radio to play some soft music till i slp. At least, i feel more eased...


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                              there is an article on this in the ST 'mindyour body' section today. perhaps that may help to answer some of our questions here about sleep disorders.