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    Hi everyone,
    anyone been to Raffles Hotel for nice food before e.g. long bar, Ah teng's, empire cafe etc ? How do you find the ambience, services and the food there ? How's their price liked?

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    erm, the food outlets there are all quite different in terms of food, service, ambience etc. is there a PARTICULAR outlet that you were interested in?

    AFAIK, long bar doesn't DO food. only drinks.

    seah st deli serves deli style food (duh)
    ah teng is 'kopitiam' style with pastries and cakes too.
    doc cheng is a 'date' restaurant.
    and i forget the other one.


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      I like Doc Cheng's, they serve fusion food, and good fusion food is not easy to find locally. Ambience: 8/10, food: 8/10, service 9/10. Definitely worth checking out if you've never been there. $150 should be a generous budget for two. Enjoy!


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        The few eating places in Raffles

        Bar & Billard Room: serves hi-tea, buffet lunch, buffet lunch was excellent but haven't beeen back there for a long time, prob around $40 after taxes etc. I've always like the ambience there. nice & relax very colonial. Use to love the hi-tea selection there. It has the most variety ( from dimsum, to finger sandwiches, usual cakes & western pastries/cookies, to chocolates, ice cream, local desserts, nonya kueh, some local savoury items ) But as the years goes by, prices went up and quality went down.

        Tiffin Room : Hi-tea & dinner too. Buffet Hi-tea alone is about 40++, went there recently and didn't find the quality of food to be that great, not worth the money imo.

        Ah Teng's Bakery : just the usual cakes, pastries, coffee & tea, nothing more. Reasonably priced, similar to cafes out there, in fat can be slightly cheaper.

        Empire's cafe : where you pay 10-15 dollars for local delights. Recently they serve dimsum and what nots too. Portions are big but I suppose you can find *** Fun for 5 bux that taste good too.

        Seah Street Deli: typical American food, nothing to shout about, mains in the mid-10s, average prices I would say.

        Never been to Doc Cheng since I never took a liking to fusion food. And recently they have a new Chinese restuarant to replace The Empress/Empress Restaurant? Suppose to be the best in town. The previous Chinese restuarant is good enough for me, & I love the decor. Not too sure about price since I never paid *grins*

        There's the open air cafe/restuarant in the centre, which use to serve nice tapas at good price!!!, grilled seafood buffet, think the menu has changed a lot since. Have not tried their new menu, so can't comment on it.

        Are you looking for main meals or snacks?


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          other Raffles Hotel restaurants

          Long Bar Steakhouse adjoins the Long Bar and serves a pretty decent semi-buffet lunch at $30+++ (buffet appetisers and desserts, your choice of one main course). It's a good deal if you have the Feed at Raffles membership card which entitles one person to eat free, so 2 persons = 50% off.

          The chinese restaurant that replaced Empress Room is Royal China from London. Famous for it's lobster noodles but from several accounts of friends who have been to the Raffles Hotel one, it's not bad but nothing great.

          Last but not least, Raffles Grill serves excellent french food. it's right up there with Les Amis/Au Jardin as the swankiest french restaurants in Singapore so expect to pay at least $100 per person for a proper dinner. Set lunches are around $50+++ i think.


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            Not in Raffles Hotel, but at Raffles Arcade, I heard there's this new Japanese restaurant that served great sushi and sashimi? K..?


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              I agreee with Mango that Doc Cheng's fusion fare is good. I mean, I'm no gourmet expert but I thought the food was great. I've never even tasted a classic terrine! Well, the terrine I had was *different* yet quite delighful.

              Yep, Seah Street Deli was nothing to shout about, to quote BaoBei.
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                Oh i went to empire cafe ...... the food were so-so . Mainly local dish and the service is not as what i've expected. quite a disappointed. Wanna try long bar


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                  i went to raffles grill a few years back n found the aiter very snobbish. attempted to speak to us inf rench.

                  i dislike that place n have never gone back eversince!