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  • Jet Lag

    Anyone care to share tips on beating jet lag? TIA

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    I bought this Jet Lag pills from Watsons for my last trip. HTH.


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      Heh heh you're really helping me out lots today, Queenie.
      I assume it worked for you, else you wouldn't recommend it. Any side-effects?


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        What I did on my recent US trip:

        I stayed up the whole night -- not by choice, I had to hand in a report before I leave, pack for a 11 day trip and not miss my 6 a.m. flight! Slept throughout the first leg of the flight, took a light meal at the start of the second leg, read a book and slept again. Arrived in the morning, checked into the hotel and took a short nap. I woke up just after lunch, refreshed and happy. Spent the rest of the day outdoors -- shopping and sightseeing -- no problems sleeping that night. The very next day, my internal clock has adapted to the time there.

        I think the key is to upset the internal clock for a day so that it is "forced" to adjust to the new clock. And staying outdoors during the first few days does help!

        Did the reverse on the return journey -- stayed up to read a really good book throughout the long long flight -- touched down in Changi at 1 a.m., go home, hit the sack. I could even wake up and go to work the very next day! :roll:

        Not sure if you're crazy enough to try it out, but I can definitely vouch for it -- absolutely no jetlag at all!


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          to counter jet lag, try to get used to the country's timing as soon as you can. assume that you touch down in the day, go out and have some food or walk around, even though your body clock is still registering singapore time which might be bedtime for you. if you head straight to sleep, you won't be able to sleep at night. exactly like what 101mnyxes suggested.


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            To overcome jet leg, here's what i did for my Germany trip (6hrs later than SGP)

            1. Forget about SGP time. try to adapt yourselves to the local time as soon as you reach there

            2. Try to sleep at your usual time, trying very hard to stay awake even if its is only noon at your destination and wait till your bedtime.

            3. Eat well

            4. Take more cooling tonics (eg, chrysanthemum )

            I took 2-3days to get away from jet lag. Good luck!


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              I took 101mynxes advise on a recent trip to Spain (also 6hrs behind SG time). My flight left at 11pm, so I stayed up till ard 4am, which is equivalent to 10pm spanish time. When I woke up, I had more or less adjusted to their time. No jetlag at all.


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                i get terrible air sickness any remedies? going on a long haul flight this hols and while i'm looking forward to the trip i seriously dread the flight!


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                  hi ivarie, do take some travel sickness pills before you board. IIRC, it takes some time for the medication to take effect so don't take it after you board. warning though, it'll make you drowsy which is actually great for countering air sickness. if possible, try to get a seat towards the front of the cabin. turbulence is worst at the rear. get aisle seats if you can. some people feel worse when they're seated by the window.

                  as for travel sickness pills, your best bet would be the pharmacy or your GP. i used to take them when i was younger on long trips and i never had much problems during such flights.