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  • GoodAire Revitalisor

    Originally posted by Sky

    Going @ $84 Tangs. Don't expect it to be powerful but don't mind having it next to the litterbox
    i have this at home. a couple in fact. does scent the room pretty well especially in an enclosed room. and whenever anybody in the house falls sick, my mum tends to leave it in the room. the effects might be psychological though

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    GoodAire Revitalizer

    i'm buying goodaire from a supplier. Need at least 3 orders to get a special discount at S$80.00 each. Original price at S$126. Comes with a concentrate. (Lanvender ,Eucalytus, Apple or Lemon)

    Product Description:

    GoodAire Revitalisor facilitates air hygiene, deodorises (it does not mask), and enhances your environment. It works hand-in-hand with the specialised GoodAire Revitalising Concentrate, a range of concentrated botanical extracts to enhance your experience of breathing clean air.

    Interested pls reply by friday.


    for more info:


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      No need at least 3 orders to get it at S$80 anymore..if u girls are interested..I got lobang cos i know the distributors and suppliers me if interested..these days..u never have to pay over $100 for tt GoodAire machine anymore..forget all the rubbish sales talk.. take a walk outside and u'll know.


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        But metro selling at $99.00? How much can u offer?


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          Javiermom, which supplier are you getting it from? Any website addy or details to post up? I might be keen to get a GoodAire Revitalisor for myself. Thanks!

          estrelljas, how much can you get it for? Do share more details with us, thanks!


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            GoodAire Revitalisor

            Anyone has one of these? What does it do for you (what is the main purpose of this product)? Would you recommend it to others? How much do you pay for yours? Where is the solution available for purchase? Have you tried using it with other solutions?- Does it work as well?


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              i think the price is falling because there's no SARS anymore

              then again, i saw some people selling ard 80+ or lower at this Lot 1? But the packaging looked weird. doesnt look authentic.


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                There are many in the market.. not sure how good they are. I already have 1 goodaire in my Baby's room, which I think its worth the money. I'm getting another one for my master bedroom.

                IMO, buy the one that's reputable in the market.

                You might want to take a look at their website:

                You may also call up the supplier to check on the price.


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                  Originally posted by Javiermom

                  You may also call up the supplier to check on the price.
                  Is there only one supplier for this product? The same supplier that is offering $80 for 3 or more sets?

                  Yeah, I do agree on buying the original (which from what I know is goodaire).


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                    I recalled seeing it on sale at Tangs a few months back. IIRC, it could be $80 or less.


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                      Metro is having a promotion at S$99 with a concentrate. Emart is selling at S$95.00. I bought my previous one at $120+ with 2 concentrate.

                      Not sure about other places. Less than S$80? Could it without the concentrate?


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                        I saw alot of petshops using it, so bought one and placed in kitchen near to doggy's papers. I like Eucalyptus best (supposed to be good for colds), but it's very weird when I used to cook and yet I smelt Eucalyptus in the air- really strange feeling when you tuck into your food. The scent doesn't linger very well to me, always have to refresh. Try not to dump too much concentrate (ie. change water frequently) or else it clogs up the thing and you get a rather weird smell. Pregnant women not advised because my girlfriend bought one and couldn't stand the scent AFTER she was pregnant. May increase electricity bills I think.

                        As for whether it PURIFIES, I doubt so... more a scent thing I suspect. Can't recall price and so on...


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                          i was tempted to get one for my SO who's staying in USA too... especially previously during the spring/summer flowers-pollination season, he's allergic to all those pollen in the air.

                          iirc, i thought i saw <b>tns</b> selling goodaire too... for every $15 purchase (or was it $50), you can buy the goodaire at $55 only..

                          i might be wrong with the rates cuz i'm recalling from my memory. but i know for sure it's very cheap at <b>tns</b> (with purchase)... so do check it out girls.

                          - crazygirl


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                            I'm very interested in getting this! I'm constantly getting an allergic reaction from my own bedroom, and occasionally when I'm out. My eyes, nose, ears, throat start itching horribly and aching

                            Only problem is - how big is this? I'll probably bring it over to London so I need something that's quite 'portable'


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                              Shouldn't this thread be moved somewhere else since the spree is not confirmed and there are no details of the spree?

                              Anyway, Xue, its not that big, but will definitely take up some space in your luggage or in your room. If you're certain that allergies are the cause for your itchy nose/throat, then I'm not sure this will help. From the feedback I've gathered, its more to scent the air and so on, rather than really purify anything. The only air filters (from what I know) that works effectively to purify the air are those that uses the HEPA filter. I don't have many details, but quite a number of air filters in the market uses the HEPA filter. Most if them are rather costly, approx couple of hundreds for a small unit, but you can be 100% sure its money well spent. Do a search online for more info on the hepa filter.

                              OT, I have the most sensitive nose for the longest time, and I found my cure half a year ago- raw, unfiltered, unheated honey. A teaspoonful of this taken daily helps eliminate/reduce the likelyhood my my nose reacting to weather changes, dust, grass, etc. This is the brand I'm taking- raw honey, you can buy this from taka basement honey section. You can also take other brands if you want, but make sure it says unheated and unfiltered, otherwise its ineffective. Oh, and never add hot/warm water to raw honey or store it in the fridge, the low/high temp will kill the live enzymes in raw honey.