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    1. What brand are you using?

    2. Which brand would you recommend?

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    Help!!! DVD problem!!

    I just bought a dvd player frm yahoo and to my HORROR, the scumbag lied to me that the dvd player is multi-coated, i.e. can play all region codes!! but it didn't. er, I've this silly request, has anyone bought a Samsung p148 dvd player from Best Denki or know of anyone who had it as well as the receipt?

    -grinz- i need the receipt in order to get the best denki people to tune the player to accept all region codes.

    The strangest thing is that although I called to ask them to tune it, a customer service operator told me it is illegal. God. Can anyone please advice??!!


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      Oh no! Can you ask the seller to refund you?


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        oh no

        i dun think so. got it from the yahoo auction. how? does anyone know of anybody who works in an electronic store? i need help like real DESPERATELY!!
        please help me ask around?


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          mew_pinkie, have you tried out those neighbourhood electronics store? :huh:


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            never mind. i asked for a refund and the lovely seller actually agreed!! god, is there any more such nice person out there?


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              recommend D V D player

              I'm thinking of buying a DVD player, budget less than $100. Any brand to recommend or recommend NOT to buy?
              Thanks for any responses!


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                Hi daphz,

                I also intend to buy a DVD player... prefer one that is region-free. I was walking around in Carrefour last night... Saw some cheap DVD players... I didn't buy any though but I kinda like the LG DVD player ($179).
                I forgot to note the Model No. though. :Doh:

                1. Akira - About $88
                2. Cyberhome - About $69
                3. Enzer - About $80-90 plus, I think.
                4. LG - Two types. One is $129. The other one is going for $179.
                5. Phillips - Quite cool-looking. About $159.



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                  mine is pioneer....heard that it is not far i tried playing code 1 dvd b4...yup it was able to play it
                  just wanna ask..anyone tried playing code 2 dvd on their pioneer or other brands of dvd player before? can it play?
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                    OT: I have an extra Toshiba DVD player up for sales. Do PM me if you're interested
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