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  • Cocktail/Hightea receptions

    just wondering are there any of you who have done or are doing cocktail parties or high teas instead of the usual wedding banquets? Where's a good place to do it and what's the budget range like usually? My wedding's going to be held in NZ, however, my parents have just decided to do a dinner in sg, to which I suggested doing a cocktail party or high tea instead. It seems cosier. Any recommendations? I was actually thinking along goodwood park or fullerton. But not quite sure what the quotation would turn out to be like, still waiting for them to get back to me.

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    Hi cefindre, I'm sure by now you already know what you are doing with your wedding party in Singapore.

    I called up both the hotels you mentioned today and for a lunch buffet both quoted $55+++.

    Goodwood Park also quoted $35+++ for tea reception.

    Both will set up the table for your guests.

    Do share about your plans, which hotel you have selected etc. I am married and not planning for a wedding (haha). But interested to hear what you have to say about your selection etc.

    Anybody else had a tea party at a hotel before?


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      hey cefindre,

      I suggest Equinox! Posh and elegant for private dining with friends and relatives.


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        Ooooh!!!!! So happy for you!!!

        I love Four Seasons! Hee... my wedding party (banquet) was there too.

        I'm sure yours is buffet style right?

        Ice cream & waffle station sounds so fun and interesting.

        Could you share with us the price per pax you are paying for?

        You will be a very happy bride, its such a lovely hotel with a private and nice atmosphere. I didn't take any pictures at the stairs etc, maybe you should. It should be very beautiful and lovely.

        Looking forward to hear from you and your lovely wedding. :wish: