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  • mexican food!

    hi cotters, anyone know where's a great place to try out mexican cuisine? More than just tacos and burritos. I'm having bday coming up and I'd like for me and some friends to try (and margaritas too)

    If you have any idea of price, types of foods to try etc please recommend


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    I like Cafe Iguana alot. You can check out its online menu and prices at here:

    It's really hard for me to recommend cos I'm biased - I like all mexican food! lol. I've been there many times and I haven't found anything I can complain about. Or maybe I was lucky? lol. But one thing you HAVE to try is their Sopailla. It's basically a big piece of fried flour tortilla with vanilla ice cream, honey, and cinnamon on top. Mmmmm just thinking about is making me drool!

    And oh one more thing, make reservations, esp if you have a group of more than 4 to 6 person. HTH


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      i second the suggestion on cafe iguana!!! it has a lovely ambience too, and i love their huge portrait of frida kahlo with a huge iguana on top of her head. plus their lime margharitas are to die for(and really cheap during happy hour too! 7-9 i think). and do try their pork stew with rice; i forget the exact name but the description's on the menu. just thinking about it makes me hungry.

      oh and my friend recommended a tapas place at chjimes to be me before, but i forgot the name of the place. should be the only mexican restaurant there, though. hope this helps!


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        Tapas at Chijmes is probably Ocha, its a Spanish restuarant.


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          I like Cha cha cha mexico restaurant at holland V.


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            2nd HV's Cha Cha Cha


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              There's another mexican restaurant (can't remember the name) along boat quay which offers pretty good food at reasonable price. Do check it out!


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                another good mexican joint

                Cafe Iguana is a fun place to hang out (especially if you you get there during happy hour before 8pm(?) when margaritas are 50% off!

                But the best mexican food in town has to be Margarita's at Faber Drive. If you're going on a weekend, reservations are a must!

                Happy eating!


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                  Anyone remember the now-closed Chico's N Charlie's tex-mex resturant at Liat Towers level 5? God I LOVE that place. Anyone know where it has relocated to? Or has it closed for good?


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                    I love both Cafe Iguana and Margarita. There is another Margarita outlet at East Coast Road. I can't get enough of this portobello mushroom dish there.


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                      unfortunately the last time i went to chico's and charlie's i had THE worst food poisoning, so my memories of the place are not all that fond!

                      Dimples, I never realised the Margarita's on East Coast was a branch of the Faber Drive Place. How come they don't mention it in their website?

                      Oh, and I was just inspired by this thread to check out the Cafe Iguana webbie: their one-for-one drink deal is up to 9pm and after midnight, and if you sign up for their mailing list you get a free margarita!


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                        gajahgirl, you can check out with the people at Margarita the next time you are at Faber. Menu at both places are the same. Oh yes, there's this catfish special too.

                        Talking about CafeIguana, I nearly knocked out from drinking their very large macho margarita.
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                          Attention, all Mexican food lovers!

                          From 10th till 15th September, there is a Mexicano dinner buffet at Meritus Mandarin hotel at $45 nett per person. They even flew in this mexican dance troupe for some performance. Dinner buffet starts at 7pm, and dance performance 9 to 945pm. Hubby and I are going tomorrow. Mini date! Yayyyy!!!


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                            i think i am kinda of late here but i went Cafe Iguana for the first time on sat and i really enjoyed the food and drinks. I order a side dish(i forgot the name) thats has cheese, mushroom and chicken wrapped in tortillas. I love it.. also shared Mango and soursop magaritas with my friends. It was really a good place to chill after a days works. I want to agian next weekend.


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                              Went to Chico and Charlie today. Had the nachos and shredded beef burrito. The nachos is nice, very crispy. The burrito is so-so, crust is a bit thick. Overall, I think the food is average. I still prefer Cafe Iguana, the food there is much better and is of a bigger portion and has wider variety.

                              Quite a disappointment, as I read the chef is originally from Cafe Iguana.

                              Cafe Iguana is still the best place for mexican food for me, though I would love to try Margarita's next time