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Studio baby photos?

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  • Studio baby photos?

    I remember the time when it was fashionable to bring babies to photography studios for portraits and they usually end up in a crawling pose or sitting on a circular rattan chair. Have any of you taken professional baby photos or family photos or plan to? any recommendations?

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    There is a shop at forum (basement) that specialises in studio pictures for babies/children. The cute thing is that they can also turn your pictures into rubber stamps.

    Not very sure of their pricings. I know they have a website but I lost the url and also cannot remember the name of the shop.


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      ooh turn pics into rubber stamps?

      i want that!
      not for my baby but for myself!

      darn, i am such a baby!


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        Hi !

        thanks Tanya... i found the link. its at I kind of like the "my first year" photos they have. it really shows how babies grow huh?

        Your bag looks nice and neat...i would not take a picture of mine like "cute cute" stuff huh??

        Yup, its interesting to hve rubber stamps of my face..hee hee..i wonder how i will look!


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          Was at Out of the Box studio (Millenia Walk) over the weekend. The couple before us had their baby son's photos taken. The photographer and team were very patient and doing lots of funny moves to get baby's attention. Quite professional in my opinion.


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            Hi Fresia, yes thats the company!!!

            The first year's photos are nice. I love photography so I will definitely create one for my baby girl on my own. What I would really be interested is going to a studio and take some really nice arty black and white pixs with baby and hubby. I am also definitely taking some pixs of the current pregnant me :preggie:

            As for my bag, took that pix last year (just post up for fun, ya thats what I do when I am bored). You are definitely right about my love for cute cute stuff. I love very classic stuff too. And victorian/english stuff.

            I wonder if they do rubber stamps for any pix we bring to them or only pictures taken with them? I thought its fun to have the rubber stamp cos when we write to friends, can stamp one when we sign off. I love this sort of things. I even have a wax seal for my envies.


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              Originally posted by naughtygirl
              I am also definitely taking some pixs of the current pregnant me :preggie:
              I love taking proper pics too- luckily a girlfriend's taken some courses on it, she took my wedding shots (on top of the pros we engaged) and she'd be taking my preggie shots (scheduled for next weekend, since tummy already a recognisably pregnant state :preggie: haha, before I water-swell I hope). She'd probably be taking my baby's pics too... she can book a studio if need be, but I don't like studio settings, prefer natural home or outdoor settings. *excited* Unfortunately she's not keen on pet photography, heh. Only person not enthusiastic is my hubby, he dreads being dragged for all these photoshoots.

              I'm not that keen on rubber stamps or stickers of the baby (some people distribute to well-wishers). Looking forward to snapping pics of baby with her grannies too, I'm sure they'd like that!


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                Mel, initially I wanted to go take my pregnant pictures at a studio but now, I am also going to do it at home. Lifestyle pixs are much nicer. Will get hubby to do it for me (can save $ and also it will be fun for both of us). Are you going to do those bare your belly completely sort (if you know what I mean)?

                I never give my pictures to well wishers cos I don't think they are that interested in keeping pictures of me. Some friends gave me their wedding pixs and I don't know what to do with them. Only thing I can do is keep them well.


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                  I saw my mum's albums had wedding pics of her friends, very fun to browse through (to see so-and-so aunt in her wedding finery, and to see the different eras) So I did give my wedding pics- whether they tossed it I have no idea haha!

                  Yeah, I'm thinking some silhouette sideview shots If tastefully done, it doesn't matter/ can't really tell if clothes are on or off, right? Probably all-girls affair anyway... which is a pity since I don't have some "blissfully pregnant with hubby" pics


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                    ya too...always wanted to take pictures with a pregnant belly..tastefully done of course...

                    my friend took a nice picture of her baby when breastfeeding and it was done really well too...i have not started taking any pictures though...the belly is the only part that i have interest in for arms legs and face are all bloated


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                      Hey Fresia, if you feel you look a little bloated now then you should take your pictures soon. I got this feeling as our pregnancy goes further along we will only look more bloated rather than the other way around.

                      Also, for some pregnant ladies, to ease breathing, their nose actually becomes broader.


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                        OH i see... i thot its the nose getting bigger is due to the old wives tale....that if you are having a boy you get a bigger nose and i thot i am safe coz i am having a girl!.

                        i like this logical explanation that our noses grow to help us breathe better!


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                          My lil' girl just completed the final studio photography in the 1-year package from Kids Pictures. The photographer Anne and her assistants are great! They really like kids and they are good at making my girl feel comfortable and ready for the camera.

                          Next week, I will have a very hard time selecting the pictures for the album. There are just too many good shots that were captured. I might have to sit there for a few hours to shortlist them. This is even more difficult than choosing pictures for my wedding album.


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                            Oh, I definately want to take the studio photos for my baby... want to keep this memory so to show him next time when he grows up!.. :preggie:


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                              i just brought my baby to to take photos. ray did such a fantastic job, he captured all her moods perfectly.