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  • Star Analyzer

    Star Analyzer

    Check the above out!!
    It tells you which star you look like......

    mine's Carmen Kass, Athena Chu and Clea V (dunno who)

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    Hey Alya, this is fun!

    My results: Uma Thurman, Helen Hunt and Christy Turlington. But they all look so different!? :huh:

    I then took another picture and the result:

    Second try: Gillian Anderson, Thandie Newton and Cate Blanchett.

    Anyone's closest?


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      OMG I am 1.Keira Knightley, 2.Linda Evanglista, 3. Christina Applegate!

      I wish! LOL.


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        I tried it one more time, this time using SO's pic. He is 1.Takeshi Taneshiro, 2. Sameul L. Jackson, and 3. Hugh Jackman. :huh: The only resemble I can see is the face shape, that's all.


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          Took 3 tries!!!!!

          1st Try:
          Sarah Jessica Parker, Norika Fujiwara, Michelle Yeoh.

          2nd Try:
          Monica Bellucci, Alessandra Ambrosio, Courtney Love.

          3rd Try:
          Norika Fujiwara (2nd time), Ana Beatriz Barros, Clea Duvall.

          Interesting analogy!!!


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            Mine's Monica Bellucci, Shannen Doherty and Sandra Bullock. I'm thinking it's just a random selection process!


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              Mine is 1) Rie Miyazawa, 2) Natalia Oreiro and 3) Nadia Bjorlin.
              It's so out. haha!


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                They say my lookalikes are Nanako Matsushima (now thats flattering), Christina Ricci (not too bad too) and Uma Thurman.

                The first 2, I find our face shape quite similar. As for Uma, not so sure which part of us look like each other (I do not have high cheek bone).


                • #9
                  1st try:

                  1) Athena Chu Ying
                  2) Shannen Doherty
                  3) Natalia Oreiro

                  Wonder if the result would be the same if I use a different pic?
                  Hehe... will try & update...


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                    This is fun! haha

                    1st try: Nanako Matsushima,Kikukawa Rei,Norika Fujiwara
                    (...have no idea why they're ALL jap stars :huh: )

                    2nd try:Jill Hennessy,Sandra Bullock,Yamila Diaz-Rahi
                    (SO different from the 1st try)

                    For the last try,I tried out with SO's picture...

                    SO's picture;3rd try: Ashton Kutcher,Scott Baio,Takeshi Kaneshiro
                    Cant wait to tell him,bet he'll really smile
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                      2nd try:

                      this time i use a different pic but to my surprise it's still the same 3 celebrity...

                      wow... i'm impressed...



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                        i tried using my Xiaoshizi's

                        She looks like

                        Yasmine Bleeth, Shannen Doherty and Ali Landry (dunno who)


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                          this is fun!

                          My results shows that I look like:
                          1. Winona Ryder
                          2. Mariah Carey
                          3. Halle Berry


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                            LizzyDizzy, from your avatar, i can roughly see the similarities to the outcome!


                            • #15
                              Mine is:
                              <img src=>
                              Norika Fujiwara

                              <img src=>
                              Keri Russell

                              <img src=>
                              Rose McGowan

                              I think the only similarities are the high forehead and dimples. Tried a few times with different pictures, most are high foreheads! *surprised*

                              I tried my niece's pic (the little angel in my avatar):
                              <img src=>
                              Natalie Portman

                              <img src=>
                              Chi Hsu

                              <img src=>
                              Krista Allen

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