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Baby hair -> Chinese Calligraphy Pen

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  • Baby hair -> Chinese Calligraphy Pen

    Anyone know about that? I saw it from the news that there's this service in Singapore now.

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    I think those china town shops that sells calligraphy brushes can do it. But, I'm not absolutely sure. If I do know more, I'll post again


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      Ahh, I finally did this thingy. It's in a shop located in Jalan Sultan, their advert was in Motherhood several months ago.

      They shaved my baby's head bald (errr, yes, I know it's a bit belated to do this! now i gotta get used to my 6 month old botak baby ), and we made three brushes at $60 each, carved with her name, birthdate and some chinese saying. There's more expensive brushes depending on what you chose, can go up to hundred plus.

      They also have service where you can put the umbilical cord in this transparent plaque.

      For those interested, the place is:

      Hyland Technology Development Pte Ltd
      200 Jalan Sultan
      Textile Centre #02-36A
      Tel 6297 3515
      [email protected]


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        Ahhh so your poor baby has no hair now? It sounds cute though what are you going to do with the brushes? Very unique!


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          You can use the brushes for calligraphy - some masters prefer baby first cut hair as it's very supple and has a fine point. Most parents prefer to just keep it as a momento. I know I couldn't bear to use it. I remember when my sister had really little hair as a baby, my dad put her in a walker and started shaving her head with an electric shaver. She was so scared she started scrambling to get away and turned white literally. Couldn't get over the shock for days. She looked like this hairless monkey for a couple months while her hair grew back. Now her hair is tough as nails and won't smooth down even with treatment creams. Sigh.


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            Gosh, I hope my baby's hair won't grow back as thick as wires!

            We made 3 brushes for keepsake only. One for us, one for my mom and one more for mom-in-law.

            I was actually quite heartbroken when the man was shaving my baby's head, I couldn't get over her bald head for a few days Ah well, at least I think she feels cooler in the hot weather.


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              OT: mogmick, your baby looks so cute even without the hair! She looks so happy in your avatar!


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                Thanks momo I think I was blowing at her face to make her smile. Getting used to her baldness now, but still hoping her hair will grow fast!